6 Easy Moves That Will Burn Back Fat And Tone Muscle at The Same Time

Bringing over that sexy back is your dream, so now you have a great opportunity to achieve that.

More precisely, you want to sculpt the area between the armpits and chest, which is very often neglected. However, when you put on some bra, bathing suit or tank top the pesky bulge it will immediately appear, so you start your plan how to eliminate it as soon as possible.

As for many other parts of your body that are difficult to sculpt, there is a solution to do it, too. Performing the exercises offered in this workout, you’ll get rid of your back fat and at the same time building and toning up your back muscles.

This routine challenges the following main muscles.

Teres major: – responsible for rotating the humerus (upper arm) in towards the body, and addicting (bringing) the arm in, towards the body

Teres minor: It is working opposite of the Teres major by laterally rotating the humerus away from the body, and also helps to assist the Teres major.

Latissimus dorsi: This is largest of the three muscles and the most well-known. The lats are extending, rotating and abducting the arms along with the Teres major and minor.

These muscles improve your posture.

How to do:

–           Complete 15 repetitions in 3-4 sets per workout

–           Perform the following exercises 2-3 times.

1st Exercise: You can lie on a stability ball or use a bench, holding a heavier dumbbell.

–           Keep the head and shoulders on the ball (bench).

–           Holding the dumbbell by each end, lift it straight up to the ceiling, engaging the abdominals as you extend the arms overhead and back behind you.

2nd Exercise: Use a resistance band 

–           Bringing your arms to shoulder height, relax the shoulders down your back.

–           Squeezing the shoulder blades together, pull the arms out to the side to a “T” position.

–           With control, bring the arms back to shoulder width.

3rd Exercise:

–           Start in a plank position, keeping your palms flat on the floor and your forearms parallel to each other.

–           Engaging the abs and lifting the hips up, shift the shoulders back and lower the heels towards the floor.

–           Shifting the weight forward into a plank position by combined usage of your shoulders and abs, make sure not to lower the hips too much.

4th Exercise:

–           Start standing on your hip-distance feet apart, holding a dumbbell in your palms facing in towards each other.

–           Keeping the back straight, rotate your arms so that your palms are facing in, and bending your elbows slightly hug a giant stability ball.

–           Keeping the arms rounded, squeeze your shoulder blades together to raise the arms out to the sides, and with control lower the arms back down. Make sure to keep the neck and shoulders relaxed as you raise the arms.

5th Exercise:

–           Start in a bend-over position, keeping your back straight, your arms down, the shoulders wide apart (palms facing towards you).

–           Engaging your upper back muscles and leading with your elbows, pull the weights up into a wide row, with a 90-degree bend in the elbows.

–           Squeezing your shoulder blades at the top, use control as you lower the weights back down.

6th Exercise:

–           Similar to the wide rows explained above, start in that bend-over position with the back straight.

–           Turning your palms in, complete another row, keeping the arms close in by your sides and bringing the weights up by your shoulders.

–           Squeezing the shoulder blades together at the top, keep your neck relaxed.

–           When you lower back down, relax and make sure to keep the back straight and abs engaged.

You can also do cardiovascular exercises for your weekly training, which are also fundamental. Here are recommended sports like boxing or rowing, which result in heart pumping and are very good and effective for the strengthening and toning up your back muscles.

Here is a video with Quick Burn Standing Back Workout that we offer you too.


Source: healthyfoodoffice.com