5 Tiny Tweaks That Will Shift Your Body From ‘Fat-Storing’ to ‘Fat-Burning’ Mode

If you decide to lose weight or burn some fat, you need to know that the best result you would gain if you decide to combine a healthy diet and a good exercising plan. But sometimes even that combination is not enough.

There are a lot of other secrets that could help you burn fats faster than you think. We will represent you 5 crucial secrets for boosting of your metabolism and start up the “fat-burning” mode. Here are the 5 factors that control the metabolism:

Adrenals: If you manage to control these hormones of stress you will make a big step for improving the work of your metabolism. If the glands which regulate the metabolism work are relieved from the stress they will be able to boost your metabolism with energy.

Thyroid: This gland which regulates the body temperature could do a great job on the process of burning fat.

Liver: This organ is connected with the thyroid and participates in the hormone production. Also, the liver is known as the most important organ for detoxification.

Muscle: The muscles are supporting the metabolism by regulatingthe blood glucose.

Body: The body is the combination of these 4 factors when it comes to the regulation of the metabolism. If the body is healthy and functions normal, the metabolism will be faster and you will burn more fat.

  1. How could Adrenals affect the metabolism

The researchers are saying that the adrenal glands are very important for the metabolism. They have the assignment to control the hormones, their production, and function. They alsohave especially big influence on the emission of cortisol, which means that they are regulating the blood pressure and the circulation. You need to know that the cortisol is responsible for the normal levels of the proteins, the fats, and the glucose in the blood.

The other function of the adrenal glands is to store the energy which is relieved in the stressful situation, the moments of expectation and excitement. From there, thecontrol mechanism which is activated in those moments is called adrenaline.

The reasons why the adrenal glands could get more sensitive are related to stress blood sugar imbalance, bacteria or some food allergy.

To keep the normalfunctioning of the adrenal glands, you will have to eat healthy food, exercise and choose a good lifestyle, avoid stressful situations and don`t get too muchemotional.

  1. How could Thyroid affect your metabolism?

Another very important factor for the normal functioning of the metabolism is the proper function of the thyroid gland. The hormones of the thyroid gland are crucial for the whole body. Decreased or increased function of the thyroid may lead to the serious disesses and consequences for the organism. Therefore, people who have thyroid problem are often overweight or have some serious hormonal dysfunctions.

Or, if you want a scientific explanation, people who are overweight are faced with hypothyroidism. They couldn`t eliminate the salt and the water from their organisms. On the other hand, people who have hyperthyroidism are faced with constantly weight loss.

If you are facing with the low thyroid you should:

Treat the underlying causes — eliminate the spicy meals, food allergies, excessive fats or gluten;

Watch overyour nutrition — regulate your daily intake of zinc, iron, proteins, iodine and omega-3 fats;

Minimize thestress — try to avoid stressful situations and don`t get too much excited too often;

Exercise — by taking the regular physical activity you should stimulate the thyroid function.

  1. How could Liver affect the metabolism?

If you haven`t heard by far, the liver is controlling more than 600 functions of the organism. Also, the liver protects the body from the toxins and the stress hormones. Be sure that will often help you, even with the processing of the good nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. If the functioning of the liver is properly it is able to regulate the digestive system, the blood sugar, the metabolism and the levels of fats and proteins.In the case liver is overdosed with medicines, chemicals, toxins, sugar, stress or junk foods it tries to get rid of them, the process also called as that survival mode.

The symptoms for the survival liver mode are weight on the hips, abdominal bloating, skin issue, depression, low energy, sleeping problems and abnormal metabolic rate.

In order to help your liver work properly then throw away the processed foods,fats and sugar.

  1. How could Muscles affect the metabolism?

Did you know that maybe the bestindicators of your general health are the lean muscles? The lean muscles are formed when the body is not facing the metabolism issues or weight problems. So, the lean muscles areable to eliminate any increased fat and calories.

As the storage for insulin, they could easily stop the insulin resistance. This insulin resistance can occur when the glucose is stored as glycogen and in some cases is used as the fuel for energy. But in the other case, the glucose could be simply transferred into fats. That is no good scenario because the blood will be full of glucose which can not be eliminated from the body.

However, the safest is the situation in which your liver is in good condition and you have balanced hormone secretion.

  1. How could Body affect your metabolism?

How can you know when is your body in the situation of fat-burning or fat-storing body.

Well, the metabolism is different for every individual. So, the different types of metabolism mean different conditions and reactions to the stress situations.

If you want to lose weight and get rid of the body fat but keep your metabolism normal you need to know some facts that will help you a lot in the future.

Some tips that couldhelp you in the future:

  • Metabolic stress needs to be noticed and prevented on time.
  • If theliver is full of junk the compounds couldgo directly to the thyroid.
  • Caffeine and energy drinks boost the metabolismbut could also increase the levels of cortisol and the production of stress hormones.
  • If you want a healthy diet increase the intake of the protein.

Source: theheartysoul.com