5 Moves for Thinner Thighs to Do in 5 Minutes (Video)

If you are considering that your inner thighs are the most critical zone of your body when extra weight comes to question, then you will need to stay at this page, because today’s. article will present to you 5-exercises program that will target not only thighs, but your quads and calves too. Each exercise is quite simple and lasts no more than 1 minute, which means that you will need to find 5 minutes every day and do this workout. Most of the ladies that are performing this workout confirmed to themselves that this exercise toned their bodies much easier and quicker than they have expected. The secret of this workout is that the intense 5-minutes of exercises are increasing the heart rate and increased heart rate leads to burning calories. The outcomes of this workout are real and observable.

Following are the 5 exercises that are part of this workout program. Follow the detailed instructions of each exercise and perform each exercise correctly as it is instructed to you.

  1. Lunge Pulse

Start the exercise by standing on both your feet. Then make one step to the front with one of your legs. Next, bend down so that your body will reach a plank position. Once you will bring your knee to almost touching position of the floor, raise your body to a hallway standing position. Make a short pause and then lower back your body into a full lunge position. Again, make a short pause and then return your body to the starting position.

  1. Lunge Step Backs

Start the exercise by standing on both your feet. Instead of making a step to the front, make a step towards back with one of your legs and let your body forms a plank position. As this you have completed one repetition. Make a repetition with each of your legs so that you may finish one set. Then return to exercise no.1 or start performing a lunge pulse and star all over again.

  1. Pile Squats

Start the exercise by standing on both your feet so that the distance between them is around 3-4 feet wider than the distance between your hips. Clasp your hands in front of you and turn your toes towards outside so that the same will form an angle of 45 degrees. Slowly bend your hips and knees so that you may lower down your entire body. Make sure that at this position your core is tight, and you back is in a straight position. When lowering, you should not allow your knees to move past your toes. Once your thighs rich a parallel position with the ground, you may stand up by pressing through your heels. As this you have completed one repetition.

  1. Calf Raises

When you are going to perform this exercise you need to feel a great sensation on the back side of the lower part of your leg. That sensation should go up to your hamstrings and glutes.

  1. Step Outs

Start the exercise by standing on both your feet and make a step towards right. Then you will need to transit the weight of your body over your right leg, so that your knee will form an angle of 90 degrees. The aim of the exercise is to bring your body as lower as you can to the ground in order to form a squat position. At this point you back should remain as upright as possible. Bring your right leg to the centre by pushing off your body.