5 Moves That Can Seriously Lift Your Butt

The wish of every woman is to look attractive and in the same time to attract each men’s attention. If you think that your butt has lost its attractiveness because you could not remember when was the last time you have been exercising, now it is the time to start bringing your body in some order. Before getting your entire body in a fit form, first you need to read and to learn what exercises to practise and how to lift your buttocks.

Nowadays the Internet easies the possibility of finding suitable exercises for raising your buttocks, although the same may take a lot of your precious time. You need to understand that if you want to put your body in a fit form only a hard work will allow you that. No magic exercises or magic formula exist for this condition.

So do you feel ready to start your workout? The answer lies in the following five exercises: Perky Lifts, Rear Raisers, Booty Boxes, Killer Kicks, and Lift It Ups. For effective results you need to keep in mind that you should repeat each exercise twenty or thirty times on each leg. It is very important not to make pauses between the exercises and to repeat the exercises for two times.

The following five exercises are very effective and will help you in the process of lifting your buttocks, as well in strengthening your buttocks. In a very short time you will get your body in an ideal, fit shape. It is a great relief that these exercises are not complicated; you can perform it at home with great easiness.

  1. Perky Lifts

Follow the instructions on the picture and repeat the exercise ten times on one leg. Then change the leg and repeat the movement.

  1. Rear Raisers

Follow the instructions on the picture and make sure that you will make three sets of 10 repetitions.

  1. Booty Boxes

Follow the instructions on the picture and make two sets of the same.

  1. Killer Kicks

Follow the instructions on the picture and make sure you will lift each of your legs ten times. Make two sets of the exercise for each leg.

  1. Lift It Ups

Follow the instructions on the picture i.e. make squats and kicks for 60 seconds.