5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back Muscles

According to the scientists, being sedentary has become a disease of the people today. Looking wider we will agree that this situation applies to everybody who’s ever worked in an office.

Sitting all day, and laying when resting (all night), makes you, most of the times, difficulty in lifting something, even that is not so heavy because you feel like you’re going to break in two.

The main problem in such situation is that your lower back muscles are underdeveloped, due to the staying in front of a computer all day, so it is not surprising if you are aching before you even reach 30!

Many of the people think they are hopeless when they face it, however, there is a salvation, because some exercises are created for exact situations.

You can get rid of this pain, or to reduce it significantly if you perform these 5 exercises regularly, as they strengthen your lower back muscles. It will help you to face successfully with the modern work style and to not ruin your modern life.

  1. The Deadlift


–           Starting position – Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. The weight is completely up to you but is recommended to start low and you can always add more for the next set.

–           With hands gripping the bar just outside the legs and slightly bent knees, hinge forward from your hips to correct start position.

–           Taking a deep breath, push your weight through your heels and not your toes,

–           Exhale as you work to begin to straighten the legs and force the chest as high as possible.

–           Thrusting the hips into alignment with the feet, squeeze the glutes, while the muscles in the butt are contracting.

–           Pause for a second at the top.

–           Hinge slowly forward at the hips whilst bending the knees a little as you go until you reach the floor. That completes one rep.

  1. Superman

Benefits: strengthens your chest, arms, shoulders, core and lower back. Comparing with the crunches it gives better results and also helps improve posture.


–           Starting position – laying on the floor with your stomach toward the floor, raise your arms and legs out

–           This is a lovely pose for children, but it’s a lot harder as you grow older.

  1. Hyperextensions

Benefits: work more than one muscle. They are great for your lower back muscles and also help to strengthen your upper legs and core.

By doing it you need to fight gravity using your lower back muscles while lowering your upper part of the body, and then get it back up.

To make it more difficult, make sure you feel your lower back muscles burning a little bit more. Add extra weight while you perform this exercise.

  1. Russian Twist


–           Starting position – sitting with knees bent and together, arms extended overhead and feet lifted to knee level,

–           Shifting weight onto left ‘cheek,’ press arms down to outside of right hip.

–           Return to start and repeat on opposite side, complete one rep.

Perform as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.

  1. Child Pose

This is an excellent pose for healing and relaxation.


–           Starting position – kneeling on a mat with your bottom resting on your heels.

–           Leaning forward make sure that your legs support your chest.

–           Placing your forehead on the mat and your arms by the sides, take a break and make sure to breathe deeply.