5 Exercises in 6 Minutes for Sexy Things

Toning the area around the thighs is among the most favourite one between the women, because they are addicted to sexy and attractive legs. The good thing is that you may tone the thighs zone without the usage of any weights.

Today’s article will present to you a workout that is consisted of 5 exercises and is lasting no more than 6 minutes. The same should be performed every day so that positive results to be noticed on your thighs. The workout is great because targets not only the outer thighs, but the inner ones too.

Following are the detailed instructions of each exercise. Perform each exercise correctly and in a short period of time you will be astonished by your sexy thighs.

  1. Criss-Cross Scissors

Start the exercise by putting your arms by your body sides and raise your legs. At this point you must pay attention the lower part of your back to be pressed on the floor. As this you will prevent your back from injuries. Start moving your legs as scissors and open them as wider as you can. Make this movement for around one minute.

  1. Froggers

Start the exercise in the same position as the first exercise, with exception of your heels that will be brought together and your knees will be placed over your hips. Net, the heels need to be driven towards your butt and then pushed to the back. You must try to keep your knees as wider as possible in order your inner thighs to be exercised as much as possible. Try to push it hard for about one minute.

  1. Froggers with Heels Apart

This exercise is almost the same as the previous one, with one exception, and that is keeping your heels on a wider distance as much as you can. Perform the exercise for about one minute and during that minute try to keep the same distance between your heels as the distance on the beginning of the exercise.

  1. Legs Up and Down

Start the exercise with placing your legs up in the air, so that the toes of the same will be positioned towards the outside. While you are keeping your arms by the sides of your body, lower your legs down, but pay attention that the same will not touch the ground. You will need to bring your heels continuously together and then spread them apart as you are moving your legs up and down. Make repetitions of the exercise for about one minute.

  1. Windshield Wipers

Start the exercise by bringing your body into a bridge position so that your pelvis will be positioned towards the ceiling. In order to press the left heel out you will have to bring the heels together. By trying to keep your butt off the ground, flex your foot and do not point the same. Next, dive your left leg out and in. As you are keeping your leg into a straight and low position, bring your butt as higher as you can. You will have to make repetitions of the exercise for around one minute for each leg.