5 Exercises for Super Sexy Toned Arms

How to do:

–           All moves are performed with a high rep count

–           Use low to medium weight,

–           Perform 20-40 reps or until fatigue

  1. Alternating Bicep Curls (Targets Biceps)


–           Starting position – Standing, set your feet in a split stance position, holding a pair of 5-15lb dumbbells.

–           Keep your arms straight in front of your body, resting on thighs,

–           While one arm curls up to towards the shoulder, another arm recovers straight down back to the starting position.

–           Locking your elbows into your rib cage, prevent the upper body from swinging.

  1. Lateral Curls (Targets Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders)


–           Starting position – the same as in the previous move, using a pair of 3-10lb dumbbells.

–           Raising your arms laterally to shoulder height, hold with palms facing up.

–           Bending at the elbow, curl the dumbbell towards your shoulder, then recover back out to a lateral raise.

–           This can be performed by the alternating right to the left arm or with both arms at once.

  1. Arnold Press (Targets Shoulders)


–           Starting position – set your feet in a split stance position or hold a lunge, with a pair of 8-20lb dumbbells

–           Curling dumbbell into your collarbone, palms facing in, press your arms straight above your shoulders and rotate palms forward.

–           Recover back down to the collar bone rotating back in your palms.

  1. Tricep Dips)

Works: Triceps, Shoulders

You need 2-3 foot box, a park bench, some stairs, or even a chair


–           Starting position – Sitting on the bench, place your hands right outside hip width with your fingers pointed towards your body.

–           Removing your hips from the bench, straighten your legs.

–           Bending at the elbow, slide back down the bench and press through your palms and lock out elbows.

  1. Tricep Kickbacks

Works: Triceps


–           Starting position – Set your feet under your hips and slightly bend the knees, holding a pair of 5lb-15lb dumbbells in each hand.

–           Bringing the dumbbells up to your ribs, bend the elbows and point straight up to the ceiling.

–           Create a straight line from shoulder to hand and recover dumbbells back into your ribs, as you are straightening your arm backward,

–           This can be performed alternating right to left or with both arms at once.