40 Ways To Burn Belly Fat Without Leaving Your House

Are you among the many people that are dealing with fat belly issues but you do not have enough time during the day to visit the gym? We are all aware that the day sometimes is quite short to do all the needed activities and no time for the gym lefts. If you are among those who wants to get rid of the belly fat, without starving or feeling a guilt for not respecting your daily workout schedule, then you will need to read the following article. The same offers to you 40 ideas through which you can get rid of the extra weight finally, and stay healthy and fit.

  1. Eat Slowly

Overeating is a condition that has happened to each of us. If you want to become fit the trick is to start eating very slowly. This means each of your meals to be eaten properly 15 to 25 minutes. This slow process of feeding will lead to faster stimulation of your body hormones and the same will cause a later better digestion in the organism.

  1. Stair Climbing

The stair climbing is classified among the cardio exercises. This movement is good for burning calories and stretching each muscle of your body. All you need to do is to allow to yourself a few minutes every day to do this practice and climb as many stairs as it is possible.

  1. A Good-Night’s Sleep

According to many ultimate results gained from numerous of studies, the extra weight is always related with the sleeping. For instance, the experts from the University of Michigan proved that if you are sleeping for one more hour and you are consuming no more than 2500 calories per day, you may amount up to 13-pounds weight loss.

  1. Focus on Vegetables

If you focus your diet on more vegetables this means that you are improving your digestion. Improved digestion leads to faster weight losing. Keep away the dressings that contain a lot of fat and are going along with all the salads. Although they taste delicious, the same will add extra weight to your body. Make sure that the vegetables you are consuming are rich in fibres, vitamins, minerals, and water.

  1. Soup

The soup should not be eaten only when you are sick. The same is a good food that can be part of everyday diet, because the same makes you full enough without consuming the unnecessary fats. It is recommended to eat stew or bone soup, combined with a lot of healthy vegetables. Other recommendations are the wonton soup, tortilla soup, as well the minestrone soup.

  1. Consume Protein-Rich Foods

Proteins are something that is very important for the organism. The same can boost the process of weight loss and may suppress the hunger and cravings. Almond, quinoa, lentils, chicken breast, fish, and Greek yogurt are among the many foods rich with proteins that you need to adopt in your everyday diet.

  1. Consume Fibre-Rich Foods

The foods rich with fibres is making you to feel full for a longer period of time and keeps you from consuming unhealthy products. The viscous fibre is a crucial ingredient in the process of weight loss. Start eating more food rich with fibres, including flax seeds, oat cereals, beans, oranges, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus.

  1. Consume Whole Grains

The whole grain foods as brown rice, oats, buckwheat, barley are really good for losing the extra weight that you have gained. You do not have to eat them in a raw form i.e. you can combine them with other products such as pizza crust, waffles, and English muffins.

  1. Reduce Drinks Full with Sugar

If you are addicted to soda, then you need to replace the same with water or green tea immediately. If you think that this will be a difficult process to you, then you can add some mint or citrus fruit to the carbonated or spring water so that you will get a better taste.

  1. Liquid Intake

If you want to reduce the liquids that you are consuming, you should start using taller and thinner glass. The short and wide glasses contain more liquid in comparison with the tall glasses. This way you will drink 25% less drink than usually.

  1. Italian Way of Eating

The Italians are world-wide known as nation with one of the most attractive bodies. This is a result of their fabulous nutrition. Start a research today and learn how the Italians eat pasta and pizza, but they still remain fit and attractive. Start adopting their healthy way of dieting.

  1. ‘Skinny’ Outfit Awareness

Hang the piece of clothing that was suiting you a long time ago as a reminder and a motivation to you how much weight you need to lose in order to get into that clothing again.

  1. Less Alcohol

If you are in the middle of the process of losing weight then the alcohol is not a good idea, because the same contains seven calories per gram and causes hunger and cravings to you. So give up on the alcohol and start drinking healthy drinks.

  1. 10-minutes Pilates at Home

It is advised to practise Pilates because the same is good for gaining muscle mass and strong core. Nowadays there are very easy Pilates exercises that you can perform even at home, and combine with your everyday workout regime.

  1. Drink Green Tea

The benefit of the green tea is enhanced metabolism performance which results with fast weight loss. You need to gain this habit and drink at least one cup of green tea on a daily basis.

  1. Do Yoga

It is well known that practising yoga will bring a piece of mind to you. The truth is that along with this, the yoga will help you to lose your extra weight too. Most of the experts suggest that the yoga needs to become your everyday routine.

  1. Home-made meals

You need to gain habit to prepare meals at home. If you are having a crowded style of living and not have enough time to cook every day at home, try to prepare home-made food 4 times a week, at least. In this way you will allow to you and your family to eat what you want and to pay attention on the healthy ingredients that you are including in your meals.

  1. Chew Mint-Flavoured Gum

The sugar-free mint-flavoured chewing gums are good for you because the same prevents your organism from cravings and are helping you to stay full for longer period of time.

  1. Skip the Meat

If you are trying to lose weight you should forget on the bacon, bee, and the pork. Talking about the meat, the turkey is a good exchange for the pork. It is tasty and offers a plenty of benefits. Also fish can be consumed. Combine the same with tomatoes, potatoes, roasted peppers, mustard, and even a banana.

  1. Go for smaller Dishes

Eating from small dishes may be helpful when you want to lose your extra weight. You need to consume 100 to 200 calories a day. If you get stick to this rule you may lose even to 23 pounds per year.

  1. Food Portion Awareness

You need to learn how to control the amount of the food you are consuming. Once you have started to measure all the right components that you are consuming and the amount of the same, you are on the right track to stayed organized and lose your extra weight.

  1. ‘Eating Pause’

Eating pauses is defined as condition when you are not able to continue eating for the certain moment and all you do is leaving your fork or spoon aside. You need to gain this habit when you stop eating the meal i.e. you need to learn your brain to stop eating when the body says that if enough of food.

  1. Eat an-All-Healthy-Pizza

Eating pizza does not mean that you are going to put extra weight on your body. If you choose the ingredients to be healthy and your pizza full of vegetables than the same will not contain more than 140 calories.

  1. Tomato-Based Sauce

The Marinara is far healthier and contains less calories than any other sauce that you have consumed so far. So try to exchange all your sauces with the Marinara.

  1. The 80-20 Rule

This rule is known as ‘Hara Hachi Bu’ as well and means that you need to eat your portion until you are feeling 80% full. We usually eat until we are 1005 full and sometimes even more. If you respect this 80-20 rule you may reduce your weight in a very short period of time.

  1. Vegetarian Meals

The vegetarian meals are defined as organic meals too. You can dedicate your diet plan to a full vegetarian meal and you will not regret for it.

  1. Tips for Eating Out

There are certain advices when you are in the process of losing weight, but you need to eat outside. When you are in a restaurant instead of ordering a portion full of meat, order an appetizer or child’s portion. If you go for a normal portion, then share the same with somebody else and try to eat more salad than the meat from the plate. You can also ask the waiter to pack ½ of your meal so that you can eat the same at home later.

  1. Pay Attention to Labels

If you decide to lose your extra weight then you will need to start reading the label product, and you should not be ashamed of it. This way you will be able to sort what products you may eat and you will become more careful when fat, sugar, and salt levels come to question.

  1. Get Rid of Unhealthy Products

Once you have decided to follow new diet plan in order to get rid of the extra weight, the first thing you need to do is to clean your kitchen and fridge from anything that is unhealthy and may have a negative effect on your diet.

  1. No Electronic Device While Eating

Every time when you are having your portion the same need to be consumed away from your TV, computer, or sell phone. The reason for this is eating more food than you need when you are in front of these devices, which will result with obesity.

  1. Use Red Serving Dishes While Eating

Following the ultimate results of one study where pretzels were served in dishes in red colour, it was noticed that people prefer to eat food in dishes in different colours, since the red dishes were assumed as stopped sign by the most examinees. So start serving your food in red dishes and you will be amazed how you will consume less amount of food.

  1. Water

The water is a key ingredient in the process of losing weight. It is not only that you need to drink plenty of water during this process, but you need to drink water before each meal too. This will give you a sense of fullness, you will eat less, and you will hydrate your body.

  1. Group Activity

Try to find or be part of some interesting healthy activities that you can perform with your friends or family. This way you will not only lose weight, but you will spend some quality time with your loved ones too.

  1. Eat and Move

No matter which food diet you are going to choose, the same need to be combined with exercises. Anything starting from a simple walk, through mild jog, to complex workout will do the job.

  1. Feel Full with Feta Cheese

Maybe you did not know, but the feta cheese is a low-fat cheese, containing almost no calories. The same is very healthy and can be combined with almost every type of food. You need to bear in mind that as with every healthy food you should not overeat it the same.

  1. Drink Freshly-Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Consuming raw grapefruit or juice of the same it is very healthy and may help you to get rid of all the fat on your body. Drinking the juice of the grapefruit does not mean losing its qualities, but means finding a way to combine the same with other fruits. According to one Swedish study the consummation of grapefruit is an excellent way to kick your metabolism and to stay hydrated most of the time. The same is beneficial for the brain and heart too.

  1. Epsom Salt Baths

These type of baths has been used in the alternative medicine many years ago. The same will detox your body which leads to melting your extra ponds.

  1. Essential Oils

We are all aware of the benefits that the essential oils can bring to our body. It is well known that they can help us in the process of burning fats to a certain level. What you may not know is that these oils help against other conditions such as infections, breathing issues, burns, skin irritation, anxiety, and nausea. Regarding the fat burning, one study proceeded in Korea managed to examine the benefits of the essential oils and the ultimate results are astonishing.

  1. Have The ‘Special’ Day

No matter how hard you are working or having very busy everyday schedule it is very important to spend some quality time for yourself. You need to give the best treatment to you once or twice every week. By best treatment it does not mean allowing to you some expensive cosmetic treatments, but an ice-cream or piece of cake can will be enough.

  1. Burn Calories

If you set a goal to yourself to burn 100 calories every day, then in a period of one year you will lose 12 pounds. Here is a list how you can lose 100 calories per day:

– By 15-20 minutes of walking;

– By housecleaning for one hour; and

– By 10-minutes of light jogging.