4 Exercises to Lift Your Breast and Tone Your Arms

Are you among the many people who are having troubles when want to put a sleeveless clothes because of your arms filled with fat?

Do not worry about it, because the following four exercises will help you to tone your arms and lift your breasts that you will want to show your strong muscles even when the weather conditions are not allowing you to wear sleeveless clothes. You have misled yourself if you think that attractive legs and seductive buttock are the only positive thing your body can gain during a dedicated training program.

Most of the women gets afraid and anxious when somebody mentions to them exercises for the upper part of their body and usually they are relating those exercises with the muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is a common misconception because the female body and its hormones define women’s strength and the development of women’s muscles, including even the contours of the body parts. You will do these exercise only to strength your muscles and breasts, not to become a professional bodybuilder. That is why there is no need to worry that you will become as Schwarzenegger if you start practising these exercises.

The medicine claims that the female body contains ten times less testosterone than the male body. This leads to the fact the women who have higher level of testosterone in comparison with the average women, may gain muscle mass faster. This fact it is not a barrier for every woman to make exercises for her arms, chest, and back without fearing.

Feel free to look through these exercises in the article that may have a positive effect on your breasts and arms: Push Ups (try to repeat the exercise as many times as you can), Triceps Push Ups (do three sets of eight repetitions), Intermediate Triceps Dips (the same rule as for the Triceps Push Ups), and Advanced Triceps Dips (make three sets of eight to twelve repetitions.)

The results gained from the recent researches show that women who practice three times a week have greater body results in comparison with the women who are walking three times a week, although scientist explain that walking is far better and healthier than sitting on the sofa for the entire day. One’s that makes any exercise during the week has stronger self-confidence and healthier body compared with the passive ones.

  1. Push Ups

Follow the instructions on the picture i.e. make 3 sets of 15 push ups.

  1. The Triceps Push

Follow the instructions on the picture i.e. make 15 triceps push ups.

  1. Intermediate Triceps Dips

Follow the instructions on the picture.

  1. Lateral-Curls-Targets-Biceps-Triceps-Shoulders.

Follow the instructions on the picture.