3 Reasons You Need to Eat Cheat Meals

Finally, you have made it! You have stayed true to your healthy diet and portion for one month and now you are facing with the big issue: the cheat day. Perhaps you are asking yourself do you really need to have a chat day? Or it does not have to be a cheat day, but just one cheat meal? Or maybe you should not have cheat day at all because the same is turning you into a nervous person and you are having a feeling as you are going one step backwards when you are allowing to your organism to have a cheat day? Take a deep breath and relax yourself because there is nothing wrong of having a cheat day. Instead there are plenty of advantages why you need to insert a cheat day into your healthy diet.

Today’s article will present to you several reasons why you need to have a cheat day and how often do you need to insert that day into your diet.

  1. You May Finally Get What You Are Craving For

Believe it or not, the truth is that long-term success cannot be noticed by the people who are feeling restricted on their diets. As explanation to that is the fact that these people are caving and at the end they eat all the food that was restricted to them, but they wanted so bad. The fact is that we are not talking about one meal, but about a bunch of food.

That is good to have a cheat meal in your healthy diet. Why? Because the same allows you to eat something that you love in order not to feel deprived. The same will trig you to get stick with your healthy eating habits, and you will succeed your healthy diet to be long-lasting.

  1. The Cheat Meals Are the Ones That Keeps Your Healthy Relationship with the Food

Most of the people who started to run a healthy lifestyle started divining the food on good and bad one. Very soon they become afraid to eat anything that is not on the healthy list of ingredients. They consider that if they eat something that is not on the list of healthy products will get fat immediately. The truth is that they are facing with eating disorder. If you add a cheat meal into your healthy diet you will prove to yourself that you can allow to yourself some unhealthy foods too, and the same would not return to you in the days when you were struggling with extra pounds.

  1. The Cheat Meal Will Help You to Notice Faster Results

Every time when you will decide to follow certain meal plan for a longer period of time, your body will begin to adopt to that habits. As a result, your metabolism will start to slow down thanks to the hormone known as leptin. Before you even notice you will find yourself stuck in a fat loss plateau. In order to increase your resting metabolic rate, you should insert a cheat meal to your diet, so that you will remind your body that it no longer has to conserve fat as fuel.

Recent studies shown that in order a faster progress of your metabolism to be noticed, you need to start eating indulgent meals in order the level of the leptin to go back to normal. Thus, a cheat meal or two may is the only solution to this condition.

  1. How Often Should You Insert Cheat Meals in Your Diet?

If you are not trying to lose weight you need to implement the 80/20 rule. If you are trying to lose extra weight, then you will need to go with the 90/10 rule. This means that you will need to eat healthy portions 80-90% of the time, while 10-20% of the time you may get cheat meals for yourself. More precisely, if you are having 6 meals a day, including the snacks too, then you may allow to yourself to have around 2 meals and 2 snacks of unhealthy food every week. The point here is that you should not relax too much and have go with crazy portions, as eating entire pizza. All you may do is just indulge a little bit on Friday night for instance or have let’s say a gooey dessert.

If you get stick with the rules mentioned previously, you will need to know that the cheating meals will not always slow progress in any way. The truth is that they will help you to notice better long-term results.

Once you will decide to insert some cheat meals into your diet, make sure that you have been following your healthy diet for a period of 30 days, completely. The cheat meal will make easier for you to go back on the track of healthy eating once you will finish with the cheat meal.

Source: danettemay.com