3 Quick Exercises for Your Best Butt Ever

If your goal to shape your butt you can do it through burning fat and tone your gluteal muscles. Many exercises are created to achieve that goal, but in this article, we offer you an easy and quick way how is that possible, with only 3 effective exercises.

You should be focused on toning your quads, glutes, abs and hamstrings in this workout demonstrated by Amanda Butler, a fitness instructor at NYC’s The Fhitting Room.

  1. The Kick Back.


–           Starting position – on all fours on the mat

–           Lift your right knee and bring it into your chest, tuck your stomach in, and pull your belly button toward the ceiling.

–           Kick your leg straight back, flexing your foot and aiming it toward the ceiling.

–           Extending fully your leg, return your knee to your chest.

Perform this 15 times on both sides.

  1. The Kick Back With a Pulse.


–           Starting position – the same as in the previous exercise, on all fours

–           Bring your right knee into your chest,

–           Kicking your leg straight back, fully extend your leg and pulse three times it by raising and lowering your foot.

–           Return your knee to your chest.

Perform these movements 15 times with both legs.

  1. The Curtsy Lunge.


–           Starting position – standing with your arms by your side and your legs wider than hip-width apart

–           Keep your back straight, leaning your chest slightly forward, and moving your right leg diagonally behind you (in curtsy position).

–           Placing your toes on the floor, lunge with your right hip directly over your right knee, and join your hands in front of your chest.

–           Pushing off return to the starting position but only touch your toes to the ground.

Perform this 15 times on both sides in three sets.