3 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Eating That Cause Indigestion, Bloating and Heartburn

All of us have faced with a situating when you are feeling that your stomach is full and you are holding one of your hands on it, while with the other hand you are reaching for the last chicken piece that has left on the table. Everything is so tasteful, but you are consoling yourself that you have exercised yesterday, so nothing of what you have eaten counts.

  1. Bad Eating Habits

The food coma is a state that everyone has experienced or is experiencing from time to time. If you are facing with the food come every time when you are at the restaurant, or maybe every weekend, then you need to make some changes regarding your eating habits. If you are feeling sluggish, sleepy, and bloated after every meal that you have, it means that most of the time you are overeating and you are causing dose of stress to your organism.

What happens with people who are running healthy lives and heaving healthy eating habits, but still are bloated? That is actually a digestion issue. Unfortunately, most of the people are not aware that we are feeling this way because of the eating habits that we as society had adopted.

  1. The greatest 3 mistakes that people are making while eating

 – Drinking plenty of while eating:

Have you ever heard some nutritionist saying to you not to drink water? The water is wonderful and does wonderful things to your body. It is good to drink small sips while you are eating, because those small sips are helping your food to be processed easily in the digestive tract. But if you are dinking plenty of water while eating, it means that you are drowning your food with water, which will lead to indigestion. The indigestion is the main cause of bloated organism.

Once you will consume food, your organism is activating one substance called hydrochloric acid or HCL which starts the process of digestion. The HCL is a great acidic because helps in the process of breaking the big chunks of food into tiny ones. So if you start adding water to this process you will dilute the HCL and dampen its efforts which will lead to body bloat.

Here is more simple explanation to you if the previous one was so complicated. Imagine that that you are having a pool inside your stomach which is full with bits of food that are floating around. Consider that the HCL is a fizzing that is trying to perform its work. If you are feeling boated already, then stop doing that think with drinking plenty of water and you will stop bloating your body.

In order to prevent your body from bloating, drink plenty of water one hour before you start with your meal, or after you finish with your meal. During the meal you may drink only one glass of water.

Following are 8 reasons why you may feel bloated:

  • Food Intolerance

If you think that you are intolerant to some foods, then you need to undertake a test that will show to you the exact food that is causing bloating to your body. Once you will detect the aggravating foods, your will reject the same from your everyday diet, and the bloating will improve whiting 4-6 weeks.

  • Deficiency of Digestive Enzymes

Maybe your organism is not producing enough digestive enzymes and that is the reason why you are feeling bloated. Try taking digestive enzzymes.

III. Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac Disease

Undertake an appropriate blood test or start a strict gluten-free food trial to detect if you are having this disease.

  • Poor Food Combining

Start eating fruits alone and stop combining them with different foods, especially with proteins. Do not combine or minimize the combination of the proteins with carbs too.

  • Irregular Meal-Times

Start consuming regular and small meals more frequently.

  • Intestinal Yeast Overgrowth

Start a yeast cleanse and rebalance your intestinal flora. This means that you should stop eating sugar and take some supplements.

VII. Insulin Resistance

Lower your sugar levels.

VIII. Other Causes of Dysbiosis

Maybe you have certain bacterial overgrowth and parasites. That is why you need to determine whether this is try or not. If yes, you will need to be under a certain treatment.

  1. Combining food that contains lot of starch and protein

Do you usually have steak and mashed potatoes for lunch? Or maybe burger with fries or eggs Benedict? Although it tastes delicious to have these combinations for lunch or maybe make your own combinations of starch (which may be found in pasta, bread, potatoes, and rice) and protein (which may be found in chicken, fish, eggs, and beef) may cause an acid reflux and indigestion to your body.

As explanation to this may be given the fact that the protein is an ingredient that needs much more time to be digested in your digestive track and the starch digest so much faster that turns into sugars. More precisely, the starch will enter into your digestive track so quickly in the first stage, so that when will enter into the next stage will be in a form of small intestine. Once these small intestines got mixed with the proteins in your stomach they will need to wait for hours until the protein to be digested first and then the digestive track to start digesting the starch. You may not know, but when starches are hanging in the stomach for hours they are starting to ferment and to release a gas that makes us to become so bloated. If you want to avoid this situation, it is suggested to eat the starch first and the protein second. Maybe will not have the same delicious taste to be eaten one by one, but you wll prevent your body from unpleasant situations at all.

  1. Drinking ice-cold water with your dishes

We are at the water problem again. It may sound strange to you, but once you have decided to drink water with your meal, although is not suggested to do that, you will need to pay attention to the temperature of the same. If the water is so cold, once you will combine with your meal will cause constriction of the blood vessels. This constriction will disable your body to digest the food properly and to absorb all the nutrients needed. Another thing is that the ice-cold water will solidify the fats from the food and will make then difficult to digest. Also, your body will focus on the shock temperature that you are causing to it with the ice-cold water, instead to focus on the digestion of the food. So you are exhausting your body unnecessarily.

So how to prevent your body from this situation? Start to think Japanese i.e. if you want to drink some water while eating, order some hot one with lemon perhaps. Also you may drink a green tea before starting with your meal. Bear in mind that the water that you will drink while you are eating needs to be on a room temperature.

Very important is to remember that all these issues and solutions are for people who are having an optimal digestion. For those that are having weak digestion, the same are far more applicable rather than for someone who is facing with bloated stomach after every meal. These solutions are more effective if you know when you need to place your food comma.

4.Additioanl Tips

Over the past years many studies and essays written by medical and health experts suggest people not to rely on expensive medications if they are facing with some of the previously mentioned issues. It is a fact that most of the health problems may be solved on a natural basis, including good diet, exercises on a daily basis, and powerful superfoods. All these things are great to be implemented because they are: proven scientifically, are very simple to be used, and the most important are very affordable almost for everyone.

Source: theheartysoul.com