3 Great Exercises to Help You Get the Perfect Behind

Having a beautiful figure overall cannot be imagined without a toned and lifted the beautiful behind. Fortunately, you don’t need to go to the gym all the time to achieve this goal as you can manage it at home.

For this workout, you need a pair of dumbbells (or heavy books), a mat and a strong enough desire for self-improvement.

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In this article, we are presenting you exercise scheme to get the perfect behind, developed by fitness trainer Angela Lee, who suggests maintain it for thirty days.



In each box is indicated the number of reps, for each day while the scheme lasts.

The workout should be done in bursts lasting for 2-3 minutes, with a break of 1 minute in between. The time of performing workout should never be longer than 11 minutes every day. Pay attention to the days when you should be resting — don’t ignore resting, because your muscles need time to regain strength.

  1. The basic exercise

This includes performing just ordinary squats.

How to do: Placing your feet shoulder-width apart and keeping your back straight, bend your legs at the knee to form a sitting position low to the floor, with your arms outstretched. You should pay attention to a good balance, placing your body weight on both feet as a whole.

  1. The exercise with dumb-bells

Begin standing straight, with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and facing outward. Hold a dumbbell in both hands and keep your back and your arms straight,

Go to the squat into the sitting position as in the basic exercise.

You can start with lighter dumbbells, then gradually replace them with three- or four-kilogram ones

  1. The complex exercise

Start standing up straight, with your feet placed slightly wider than the width apart of your shoulders.

Keeping your back straight and with your hands placed on the back of your head come to the squatting position, with the feet pointing out slightly. Keep straight your back, neck and your head.