3 Best Exercises to Reduce the Butt Cellulite

Recently, the Cornell University implemented a research regarding the appearance of a cellulite among the adult women. The ultimate results have shown that 98% of the adult have cellulite to a certain degree.

Although cellulite is considered as something awful for the women’s body, most of the women considers that dimply fat is much worse than the cellulite. No matter how much we are denying that we do not have cellulite, it is considered that everybody has certain amount of cellulite, more less. The latest researches has shown that the cellulite is far more dominant at the female’s body than the men’s body. In fact, the men are facing with cellulite too, but if you ask them they will tell you that are struggling with plague. The truth is that the cellulite is not related with the extra pounds at all. There are many people that are skinny and have well-shaped body as models, but still they are facing with the cellulite, especially the butt-cellulite.

The good thing regarding the cellulite is that there are certain exercises that can be considered as first step in your battle with the cellulite. These exercises are effective if you are practising for a longer period of time and they can reduce your cellulite too.

The following article will introduce you to 3 effective exercises that are not very complicated and may be beneficial to you.

  1. Hip Raise with One Leg

Start the exercise by lying down on the floor with your face towards the ground. Your right leg need to be in a straight position and in a same line with your left thigh. Your left knee need to be bent. While you are into this position try to make your belly as skinny as possible and hold it as that as much as you can.

Make the first movement by squeezing your glutes and raising your hips to a position that your entire body forms a straight line starting from your shoulders up to your knees. Your left leg needs to stay lifted all the time. Make a pause of 2 seconds and then you can keep your stomach tight. Afterwards continue with the squeezing of your glutes. In order to return to the starting position, lower back. Make a several repetitions of the exercise.

While performing the exercise be sure that your hips and torso are acting as one unit all of the time. Regarding the arch in your lower back, the same needs to be in the same position from the beginning till the end of the exercise. This will be indicator to you that the exercise that you are doing is not performed by your lower back or hamstrings, but by your glutes.

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If you consider that the exercise is too hard for you, then instead of raising one of your legs, you can put both of your feet on the floor. If the exercise is still difficult to you, you can make the same movements but with a help of your arms. All you need to do is to cross your arms over your chest instead of putting them against the floor.

  1. Reverse Lunge

In order to perform this exercise, you will need a pair of dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells into your hands. The same need to be next to your sides. While you are holding the dumbbells make sure that your hands are facing each other. Make the first movement by making one step to the back using your right leg. While making this movement lower your body in such a position that your left knee will bend and form an angle of 90 degrees. Your right knee should nearly touch the floor. Push yourself into the starting position by using the pressure of your left heels as help. When you are done with the left leg, switch your legs and repeat the same movements with the other leg.

If you find the exercise too difficult for you, then you can perform the same without the dumbbells, relying on your weight. There is one trick regarding this exercise. You may consider your back foot as your support. As that you will be able to put all of your weight on your front leg. That will help you your muscles of the butt to work harder, and the entire process will be more efficient.

  1. The Step Up

This exercise can be done with dumbbells too. Start the exercise by holding your dumbbells at arm’s length on both your sides. Then a bench or a step is needed for your next position. Place the bench or the step in front of you and put your left leg firmly on the bench or step. At that position your left heel will be pressed into the step and all you need to do is just pushing your body to forwards until your left leg reach a straight position. While you are moving with your left leg, the right one needs to be elevated most of the time. Then you need to touch the floor with your right foot and you will perform that by lowering your body down. When finishing with this movement you are done with one repetition. Continue doing repetitions with your left leg and then switch the legs. Make the same movements with the right leg too.

If this exercise is hard for you then you can exclude the dumbbells and rely on your own weight as help. There is another version of the exercise that you may try. You are starting in a stand side away position. Your left foot needs to be crossed in front of the right foot. Then you can put your left foot on the step and start making step ups. The main focus of this exercise needs to be on pushing yourself up. You will achieve that by pressing your left heel into the step.