25 Things to Do on Sunday So You Lose Weight All Week

Sunday is your zen day, the day which you may decide to you and to the improvement of your health and body. In the morning birds literally are pulling your curtains, the home-made smoothie is waiting for you in the kitchen, and you are so energized and ready to start practising your pigeon pose at home. If you look back on Thursday, that is completely different story. You are so busy, not having time to drink even your morning coffee, not talking about having healthy lunch or visit the gym for some exercises.

In order to avoid all these nervous versions during the week and continue with your healthy life and habits as you are doing every Sunday, follow the mantra that will be suggested to you in today’s article. The same will motivate you to plan your week forward and lose the extra weight without performing anything at all during the working week.

The meal preparations are the crucial ones into this mantra. So instead of laying in the bed on Sunday, get up, perform all your healthy habits that you need to do and then set up yourself for a long successful week.

Throwback Thursday, forget on the bad habits, and start accomplishing your healthy living goals. Following are 25 tips for Sunday meal preparations. Get used to them and change your way of living.

  1. Prepare a Tasteful Mason Jar Salad

If you are trying to run a healthy life, then you are definitely avoiding Pinterest and all the cakes and delicious deserts there. Now you can exchange them with a new trend which is not just healthy, but also do-able too. We are talking about the mason jar salad trend. This trend allows you to prepare the lunch for each day of your working week on Sunday evening and not get worried if the same gets bad. In order to prepare as it needs to be prepared, all you have to do is to put your salad dressing on the bottom of the jar and then start layering all the vegetables, as carrots, peppers, onions, or cucumbers, in a combination with proteins as beans or grilled chicken. Emily Heim, an Intentional Living Supervisor, suggest the lighter ingredients as lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese to be put on the top. Before these lighter ingredients you may add some quinoa if you want too. On the day when this lunch needs to be consumed, you may eat strictly from the jar or you may pour the entire content into a bowl.

  1. You Need to Make Plans for HIIT

The expert Cassie Bjork suggest to switch all your treadmill appointments during the week with some HIIT i.e. to re-schedule all your treadmill appointments for Sunday, and on their place to perform some HIIT during the week. This HIIT that is lasting no more than 15 minutes will improve and boost your metabolism and is much more effective than any long-distance running or repetitive exercises at home. All you have to do is just search on YouTube for some intense 15-minutes exercises on Sunday, when you are at home and you are free, and prepare those videos for each day of the working week.

  1. Go Nuts

On Sunday try to pack several tablespoons of nuts inti one zip-lock bag. Make sure that you will prepare as much zip-lock bags for every working day so that from Monday until Friday you will just take with you one of those snacks when you are leaving the house. The nuts are rich with proteins and keeps your blood sugar stable. This leads to less production of insulin in your body which will not allow to your body to get fat. So instead of eating snacks full with high-calories, with the consumption of nuts you will enrich your organism with glucagon, a fat-burning hormone that will make a favour to your body.

  1. Prepare an Egg Bake

Eggs are so beneficial for your body. The same contains three very important macronutrients and those are: carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. These macronutrients will boost and improve your metabolism and enrich your brain power in the morning. The best advice is to prepare eggs on Sunday for every single morning that follows during the working week. In that way you will have something to grab quickly every morning during the working week and in that way you will make a favour to your organism by satisfying the same until the morning snack.

  1. Prepare Some Proteins

Every Sunday adopt a habit to prepare some wild-caught salmon for the week that follows. In that way you will enrich your organism with omega-3s which is very beneficial for the heal inflammation. The best and the easiest recipe is to prepare some fillets with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper on Sunday evening and the same will serve to you as a snack for the working week that follows.

  1. Make a Playlist

The Brunel University’s School of Sport and Education proved scientifically that the music that is something between 120 to 140 beats per second, for instance as the Rihanna’s songs, may distract you from feeling sad, tired, and depressive and lift your endurance by 15 percentages. So when you are free on Sunday be a DJ to yourself and prepare some music playlist for the week that follows.

  1. Boil Eggs

As mentioned previously eggs are perfect protein source and that is why is suggested to boil some eggs on Sunday evening for the week that follows, and store them in the fridge. They will be a grab-and-go breakfast option for the mornings when you are late at work or great addition for you lunch, advises Jessica Fishman Levinson, a healthy lifestyle blogger.

  1. Prepare Overnight Oats

Make a favour to yourself and let your breakfast for the next morning get prepared by itself while you are sleeping. All you have to do is put some oats into yogurt, low-fat milk, or kefir in one jar and season them with some fruit. In the morning add some seeds or crunchy nuts on the top and you will have a perfect and nutritious breakfast.

  1. Exercise and Sweat More

The fitness coach Katy Walburn alarms that Sunday should not be considered as a day for rest. Instead, you need to include your body into a simple high-intensity interval workout that will improve your metabolism and boost your endorphins for successful start of the week. The same may be performed at home and no special equipment is needed, with exception of a pair of dumbbells and a stopwatch on your phone. Also you may rely on number of applications that are available on your phone and that will guide you through the workout.

  1. Go on the Social Media

Never underestimate the power of the social media. You will need to reconsider and include yourself into the social media. Join on the gym’s fan page, follow number of experts, or people who have succeeded in adopting healthy habits, and get motivated by their stories and experiences. That way, you will be able to share your sentiments and always will be motivated to move on. If the gym that you are visiting does not have a community forum, you may think of creating one on your own.

  1. Bubble Bath as Part of your Grocery List

After practising killer legs exercises and some heavy exercises for your arms it is happening to have strong pain in your muscles and not to be able to even get up the stairs. Instead of complaining about the pain and thinking of leaving the gym, the most appropriate that you should do is just soak your body into a hot water. Make sure that on Sunday you will buy some bubble bath while you are at the supermarket so that after the heavy exercises you will be relax your sore muscles into a hot bubbled water.

  1. Budget Your Food

Jamie Anton who is a certified plant-based nutrition consultant advises using the food application myfitnesspal.com, an application that will help you to get in track with all the healthy ingredients that you may allow to yourself according to your budget. In that way you will be able to choose how many calories you will intake according to the food that you may afford to yourself.

  1. Work Appointments

If you want to change your lifestyle and stay healthy you will need to plan your weekly workouts and schedule them in your working calendar. Otherwise you will never find proper time when you will practice. If you know that you may get busy with work and will get home late at night tired, then you will need to reconsider getting early in the morning and get a run or workout before the sunset. If you are practising with a personal trainer make sure that you will schedule him several weeks earlier in order to promote accountability.

  1. Clean Out Your Fridge

If your fridge is full with leftovers from the weekend lunch or dinner or you have half portions from the restaurant that you did not eat previous day, get rid of them immediately. If you are staring at those leftovers every time when you are opening the fridge, then you will definitely eat them. In order to avoid that, throw the leftovers in the garbage and release yourself from that food temptation.

  1. Start Practising Yoga

If you are new to yoga do not get afraid or disappointed. Roll out the yoga mat and start practising the twisting postures and hip openers during every day of the working week. The yoga will help you to detox your organism from all the bed things and will free your mind. Once your mind gets free, your body will fet the same too.

  1. Run a Journal

It is scientifically proven that if you are using your phone once you will go into bed, the glowing electronics may have a negative influence on your dream and you may face with insomnia. Instead of that, it is suggested to run your own, personal journal, not before going to bed, but during the day. I that way you will be able to track your progress during the day which will lead you to success. The ultimate results of the Kaiser Permanente Study that was tracking participants who were running a food journal during a period of six months showed that they have lost twice much weight in comparison with the participants that were not running any food journal at all.

  1. Make a Workout Date

Find a friend who will make a companion to you at the gym instead of eating dinner at the restaurant. You may go for a trail run, after-work hiking, or inverted yoga classes.

  1. Get Some Shopping Inspiration

Before going for your Sunday shopping at the local supermarket or grocery store, get some inspiration on Instagram, and search for interesting healthy recipes so that later you will know which ingredients to buy.

  1. Set Healthy Habits Reminder

Latest researches have shown that if you are setting a daily healthy reminder on your phone the same will help you to execute healthy habits such as taking certain supplements, eat healthy snack between meals, exercise, etc.

  1. Consume Protein Shakes and Smoothies

If your everyday routine includes getting in the morning, make some healthy breakfast for yourself, and drink some coffee, sometimes it may happen not to have enough time to prepare your morning breakfast. On those mornings when you are rushing instead of taking some unhealthy breakfast you need to reach for a smoothie. It is quite easy. All you have to do is just put some smoothie ingredients in the blender, press the ‘on’ button, and here is your energetic quick breakfast.

  1. Check Your Calendar

Do not let your schedule obligations to stress your organism and lead you to overeating. All you have to do is throw some quick view on your schedule on Sunday and prepare your brain on what follows the week that comes. In that way you will be able to plan your meals accordingly and relief your body from stress.

  1. Cut Your Fruits and Vegetables at Home

Instead of paying extra money at the grocery store for buying pre-cut products, try to adopt habit of slicing up your fruits and vegetables on your own at home. In that way you will save money and will be able to spice your products as you wish.

  1. Set Your Alarm

One research implemented by the Brown University on 132 first-year students showed that the consistent sleep schedule has a positive impact on the weight loss.

  1. Do Your Dirty Laundry

In order to stay motivated and not miss the hours at the gym because your sports bra is dirty, do the laundry and start the week with fresh and clean gym clothes. In that way you will not have excuses of missing todays’ workout. Additional bonus is to pack your gym equipment in your bag and place the bag on the passenger’s seat of your car so that the same will remind you on the obligations that you have that day.

  1. Portion Your Snacks

On Sunday, while you are watching your favourite show or just resting, make sure to portion your snacks and prepare the same for the week that follows. In that way you will have your perfectly portioned snacks with almost the same weight.

Source: www.eatthis.com