22 Things All Fit Women Eventually Experience

When you are older your fitness is significantly different than in the youngest days. Here are many signs of “fitness maturity” that remind you that you’re not as young as you used to be, which should be very useful for you.

You prefer your Friday night out instead of a live DJ spin class. You’ll make sure it counts as a real cardio session if you’re going to break a sweat to EDM hits because clubs are intolerable.

You should be aware that new sexy Lululemon top also doubles as part of your date-night outfit. The lace trim could be more appropriate at a wine bar than it is in yoga class.

You became a faster runner, swimmer, and biker than you were in your 20s and maybe even teens. Maturing gives you the ability to make race training a consistent priority in your busy social calendar. In addition, female endurance athletes generally peak after age 30, which is good.

You should warm up until every major joint in your body is safe.

Instead of pavement on your knees, you’ve taken up scenic trail running because it’s easier.

It could be better to reduce your night drinks, and the money you save on cocktails can go towards your CrossFit 10-pack.

You have a complete collection of race t-shirts that has taken over an entire drawer in your dresser. You should think about how far you are going by buying shirts.

But you have a collection of super cute sneakers, too – one for running, another for cross-training, another for lifting etc

Long runs get boring, and you can only listen to only a specific music so many times.

You are actually very careful with your pre- and post-workout nutrition.

You are using Sundays for relaxing and recovering from your hard work (long running or biking ride on Saturday).

Your next workout can be a yoga retreat.

In order to improve your PR, you join a running club rather than to meet guys.

You won’t be judged by your friends if you head to happy hour after a workout without showering.

Even younger women look at your sexy body and fresh face and are shocked by your age.

Most of you will never feel healthier, fitter and hotter in your life than you do right now.

Source: www.shape.com

Featured Image: www.shape.com