22 Tasty Breakfast Recipes That Also Promote Weight Loss

Breakfast is the meal that is strictly related with the weight loss. It has to be the best and richer meal in the day that will provide all the needed nutrients and ingredients for the rest of the day. It has to be rich in protein, fiber and vitamins.

Here are some very useful tasty and healthy breakfast recipes. You have enough to prepare one of them every day in a month.

1.Gingerbread chia pudding

This pudding is full with all nutrients needed and will satisfy your sweet food needs. It is healthy and improves the digestion system and the intestines function. Recipe Here

2.Flat-Belly overnight oats

If you suffer from bloating or you have yet to hop on the overnight-oats bandwagon this is the perfect breakfast.Recipe Here

3.Quinoa egg bake with thyme and garlic

Prepare it in the night and bake it and the following morning cut it into slices. It is gluten free food that will provide enough protein, fiber and iron for the rest of the day. It is also great source of calcium.Recipe Here

4.Almond strawberry banana yogurt smoothie

It is one of the lightest and easiest breakfasts that is designed for losing weight in first plan. It has only 350 calories and 15 grams of proteins that are enough for healthy diet.Recipe Here

5.Overnight breakfast casserole

It takes 20 minutes for preparation. Prepare it in the night and let it to cook overnight in slow cooker. The next morning, it will be ready.

It is low-carb meal, rich in proteins.Recipe Here

6.Coconut-berry bars

They are rich in fiber and iron and give you the needed daily amount of these nutrients. It has less than 200 calories, it is super tasty and will offer you enough sweet pleasure in order to forget about chocolates, cakes and other sweets.Recipe Here

7.Prosciutto and melon

This is delicious breakfast proper for having in moments when we are bind for time. It is low-carb breakfast but gives energy for the rest of the day.Recipe Here

8.Mexican breakfast casserole

Put it on your diet list in order to lose weight on the best possible way. It is gluten free and rich in protein.Recipe Here

9.Apple cinnamon quinoa bake

This recipe is good for any day. Try it as soon as possible. Quinoa is beneficial for the whole body. Greek yogurt is especially good for the digestion.

It is creamy, rich in proteins and delicious. You will ask for another portion.Recipe Here

10.Baked egg in avocado

Rich in protein and omega-3 healthy fats breakfast that does not contain sugar. Super healthy and recommended by all nutritionists.Recipe Here

11.Asparagus and smoked salmon bundles

This combination is rich in nutrients and gives to your body more than 10 grams proteins in the morning.Recipe Here

12.Cottage cheese with fruit

If you do not have enough time in the morning for baking or making other breakfast, this is the smartest solution. Mix cottage cheese with your favorite fruit and berries and give to yourself the most delicious and healthy at the same time meal. It has less than 81 calories.Recipe Here

13.Egg white frittata

It contains peppers, spinach, onion and eggs at the same time. What more can you need for perfect breakfast? It is low calorie food and can be consumed not only as a breakfast, but it is also good in the evenings. It is recommended in most of the diets.Recipe Here

14,Turkey sausage muffins

At 150 calories and 12 grams of protein,this recipe is good as a healthy fast-food for breakfast. It is easy to bake and prepare.Recipe Here

15.Paleo breakfast bowl

It has only 335 calories and on the other side it has high level of healthy fatty acids and proteins. It takes only 10 minutes for preparation. It will fuel your batteries and satisfaction to start the day energized and in good mood.Recipe Here

16.Roasted veggies with easy friedegg

This recipe is advisable for every part of the day as it is low carb and light meal. Mix the veggie and egg together and you healthy meal is ready.Recipe Here

17.Southwestern tofu scramble

With flavors like onion, pepper, cilantro or cumin you will be surprised by the taste of your new delicious recipe. Mix these spices together and your Southwestern tofu scramble will be incredible. You can prepare it and keep in in a fridge for several days.Recipe Here

18.Baked eggs in ham cups

This quick breakfast it tasty and healthy. It can be prepared as a healthy brunch too. In every combination of low carb meal it is perfect complement.Recipe Here

19.Low-Carb hotcakes

This food will give you opportunity to have sweet meal and still keep your weight and being fit. Use almond or flaxseeds with them. Very delicious food, rich in protein and fiber.Recipe Here

20.Tomato frittata

Egg, a sprinkle of diced bacon and butter, baked together are perfect breakfast combination that provides you with 10 grams of proteins and will keep your pound low. Perfect meal after workout too.Recipe Here

21.Yogurt-filled cantaloupe

Greek yogurt is one of the best ways how to start your day. It can be combined with eggs or meat, or with fruit and berries.

Serve it with a fresh cantaloupe, add some berries on the top and enjoy your perfect meal. Recipe Here

22.Hard-Boiled eggs with avocado

This natural recipe is low carb and gluten free meal at the same time that gives you a lot of proteins and healthy fats to start the day. It boosts the energy and will prevent any need for high carb food or other unhealthy food during the day.Recipe Here