20 Foods You Can Eat and Not Gain Weight

You are strugglig with extra pounds and everytime when you decide to do a certain diet you are afraid not to gain the pounds that you are going to lose, again. The question still remanis, what to eat to lose weigh without being afraid of qaining weight?

Everyone wants to enjoy in the tasty and delicious food, but no one wants to get fat from the same. This does not mean that for the sake of your body figure you need to close your mouth and start starving. The most important thing is to choose to eat the right food that you can consume in unlimited quantities and not worry about that.

Despite the many important issues in the society, the food and diet problems have become so popular too. Maybe this is an explanation to the fact that almost third of the world’s inhabitants, especially those in the civilized countries suffer from extra weight.

The following article will help you to go through your eternal doubt what type of food to consume in unlimited quantities and not get fat of the same.

  1. Cucumbers: The skin of the cucumber is very healthy and rich with vitamins, so the it is recommended not to peel the same;
  2. Cantaloupe: Consume it because it is really rich in vitamin A and C;
  3. Popcorn: Do not be afraid of eating popcorn as much as you want while you are watching a movie, because the same is low in calories and will not turn you into a fat person;
  4. Tomatoes: Consume it because they are rich in vitamin A and C, potassium, and fibres;
  5. Grapefruit: Prevents your organism from cancer and heart diseases;
  6. Kale: It is quite rich in iodine;
  7. Broccoli: it is full of vitamins and contains 20% of the daily amount of fibres that need to be entered into one’s body;
  8. Oranges: It is consisted of great amount of vitamin C and may help your skin to produce more collagen;
  9. Celery: Fills your body with a lot of water;
  10. Cauliflower: It contains great amount of fibres, and vitamin C and K as well;
  11. Strawberries: They contain fibres and potassium;
  12. Blackberries: They are very beneficial for your skin;
  13. Blueberries: Contain a lot of antioxidants;
  14. Sugar snap peas: The same have a lot of useful, healthy elements and are low in calories;
  15. Egg whites: If you decide to do a rigid diet, you may eat egg whites;
  16. Salad: You can eat salad as much as you want because the same has folic acid and iron;
  17. Lettuce: It is rich with vitamins and nutrients;
  18. Honeydew melon: It contains vitamin C and it is very good for your skin;
  19. Sweet potatoes: They are very healthy and low in calories;
  20. Mushrooms: They are low in calories so you can eat them as much as you want.