2 Month No-Gym Home Workout Plan – No Equipment

The newest modern trend among the people is to have a gym membership. It is observed and proved that the gym may help you to lose the extra weight, keep you motivated, and bring your body to a fit form. Unfortunately, we are living in a fast modern era, where most of the people are quite busy during the day, and often it is happening not to have time to visit the gym, especially if the same is located far away from home.

Additionally, if you are strong determined that you want to re-shape your body and get an attractive look, it is not necessary to visit the gym. You make practise at home when you will have a free time and yet you will achieve a well-toned body.

The following article will present to you a 10-week workout that is quite challenging and will help you to achieve the body that you have always wanted.

  1. Important Guidelines That You Must Follow

If you decide to undertake this challenging workout you need to be aware that you will have to start to drink plenty of water. The great amount of water that is asked to be consumed by you is because you need to keep your body hydrated all the time, before and after the exercises. Another important thing is to select when it will be the most appropriate time for you and your body to exercise. Experts suggest to do that in the morning. The last, but not the least thing is to give a vow to yourself that you will stay constant in the workout and you will perform all the exercises correctly as it is asked from you.

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  1. The 10-Week Workout Plan


You will need to start the week with the set of exercises that follow:

– perform 20 squats;

– perform planks in a period of 15 seconds;

– perform 25 crunches;

– perform 35 jumping jacks;

– perform 15 lunges;

– perform wall-sits in a period of 25 seconds;

– perform 10 sit-ups;

– perform 10 butt-kicks; and

– perform 5 push-ups.


Continue with the exercises from the previous day, with some small changes that you will need to do in the number of repetitions:

– perform 10 squats;

– perform planks in a period of 30 seconds;

– perform 20 crunches;

– perform 10 jumping jacks;

– perform 25 lunges;

– perform wall-sits in a period of 25 seconds;

– perform 35 sit-ups;

– perform 20 butt-kicks; and

– perform 10 push-ups.


This day is when you will need to start looking on the exercises as your everyday routine. Thus, the intensity of the exercises will become higher:

– perform 15 squats;

– perform planks in a period of 40 seconds;

– perform 30 crunches;

– perform 50 jumping jacks;

– perform 25 lunges;

– perform wall-sits in a period of 35 seconds;

– perform 30 sit-ups;

– perform 25 butt-kicks; and

– perform 10 push-ups.


On this day the rigor of the exercises is increased and do not get confused if you end up all in sweat. That means that your calories are burning quite a lot:

– perform 35 squats;

– perform planks in a period of 30 seconds;

– perform 20 crunches;

– perform 25 jumping jacks;

– perform 15 lunges;

– perform wall-sits in a period of 60 seconds;

– perform 50 sit-ups;

– perform 35 butt-kicks; and

– perform 20 pus-ups.


Keep it up by continuous dedication and commitment to your exercises:

– perform 25 squats;

– perform planks in a period of 60 second;

– perform 30 crunches;

– perform 55 jumping jacks;

– perform 60 lunges;

– perform wall-sits in a period of 45 seconds;

– perform 40 sit-ups;

– perform 50 butt-kicks; and

– perform 30 push-ups.

  • Squats

  • Plank

  • Crunches

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Lunges

  • Wall Sit

  • Sit Ups

  • Butt Kicks

  • Push Ups


These 2 days are intended for a rest of your body. After the 5 days of intensive training you may relax during these 2 days. Nevertheless, if you do not want just to relax, you may do a simple jogging or walking so that you will not lose the exercise routine.

If you want to go for better results in a short period of time, then you may combine the workout with a cardio training. It is suggested to perform the cardio training during the weekend, following the given specifications:

– 1st week perform 30 seconds of sprint (30 sec. jog/5x);

– 2nd week perform 35 seconds of sprint (45sec. jog/6x);

– 3rd week perform 45 seconds of sprint (1 min. jog/7x);

– 4th week perform 50 seconds of sprint (45sec. jog/8x);

– 5th week perform 55 seconds of sprint (30 sec. jog/7x);

– 6th week perform 1 minute of sprint (45 sec. jog/6x);

– 7th week perform 65 seconds of sprint (1 min. jog/5x);

– 8th week perform 70 seconds of sprint (45 sec. jog/6x);

– 9th perform 75 seconds of sprint (30 sec. jog/7x); and

– 10th perform 80 seconds of sprint (45 sec. jog/8x).

  1. How Much Exercises Are Needed to Lose Certain Weight?

The main question that everybody is asking when certain workout comes to question is how much time they will need to spend on exercising. For this particular workout you will need to spend around 45 minutes to 1 hour of your precious time. Thus, everything depends of the weight of each person as well how much weight that person wants to lose. What you have must do is practising not less than three hours a week. For those who are new into this thing, it is suggested to begin with fifty minutes and go up to 200 minutes.

Most important thing is to stay motivated. If you have problems with the motivation, you may look at the number of motivational videos and speeches that are offered on Internet.