18 Perfectly Meal-Prepped Fridges That’ll Speak to Your Superorganized Soul

Do you become irritated every time when you open your refrigerator because all the food inside looks so cluttered and messy? Do not get easily nervous and give yourself an opportunity to get inspired by the colourful refrigerators that will be present to you during this article. All you will have to do is just find some free time during the weekend and clean out your refrigerator of all the meal leftovers and unnecessary foods that you have been collecting during the week. The following refrigerators full of breakfast bowls, healthy salads, and dinner ingredients are maintained so well that you will get inspired of them and you will wish to grab your Tupperware container and clean everything that is unnecessary to you.

Chop all the ingredients that you need for the week that follows and store them nicely in clear containers.

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Repost @hellonutritarian Had to share this rainbow fridge again with you! I’ve done quite a few fridge posts for my #52fridges project but this one may be my all-time favorite 🙌✊️🌈. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a list of everything I have in my glass jars and containers so I’ve made you a little fridge “tour” that you can see in my stories (you may need to tap right to get through my story from yesterday first)! I’ve included links for some of the recipes (just swipe up) and I’ve noted when recipes are on the blog or “in development” (that means stay tuned for seriously yummy things to come)! THINGS GET REAL HERE 👉👉👉 I started sharing my fridge in earnest a year and a half ago as a way to hold myself accountable. I had dabbled in weekly prepping and realized that it helped me so much during those hectic weeks shuttling the kids around and cooking for my non-nutritarian family. I decided to make weekly batch prepping my default HABIT so I could finally “maintain” my nutritarian lifestyle. So, what started as something completely utilitarian, to hold me accountable on my journey, has turned into another way I get to express my creativity and approach peace. I’ve said this many times: I’m not a type-A, everything-is-clean-orderly-and-organized-in-all-areas-of-my-life type of person. I’m just a person who tries. A person who’s recovering from a lifetime of disordered eating and food addiction and finding a sort of “therapy” in some good-old-fashioned fridge art 😜 In all sincerity, thinking of color, texture, taste and inspiration and incorporating all those things into my daily life has helped me tremendously this year! And the fact that these pics resonate with so many of you and help inspire you to take action only makes it all the more better 🙌✊️💚✅ I’ve had a lot of ugly, dark and tortured interactions with food in my past and I’m so happy to be turning that pain into something beautiful to share with you all. 🙏💕💕 xo, Kristen #nutritarian #fridge #fridgegoals #plantpowered #wfpbno #f52organized #evim#duzen #düzen #düzencigiller

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If you store your food according the colour, every time when you will open your refrigerator you will be pleasantly surprised by the rainbow of healthy ingredients and a smile on your face will show.

You know what may be treat for your body, mind, and eyes? A fridge full with colourful ingredients.

Knowing the place of every ingredient in your fridge, makes it easier for you when you will want to prepare some salad.

If you get used to pre-cut all the vegetables and fruits that you have in your fridge, it will be much easier for you.

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Fridge 29/52 – THANKFUL FRIDGE. Enjoying the last few hours of an organized fridge before the holiday madness ensues. I don't know how but it feels like overnight the next two months are packed with appointments, sports practice, dance rehearsals and special gatherings. It's easy to feel overwhelmed this time of year but I'm really trying to focus on being thankful and spending time with people I love! I've been busy at work these last few months on the second edition of my food prep ebook–so many exciting recipes to share! I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to "get it done" by a certain date. But I've decided that I don't want to lose out on another holiday working like a maniac like I did last year. Instead I'm going at the pace that works right for my life and I'm so thankful that I realized I can take that path! I'm a people-pleaser by nature and always want to say "yes!" I'm getting better at setting stronger boundaries with my work–with the kids growing up so quickly I just want to be fully present right now! And that's what I wish for you in these next 4 days complete connection to the people (and animals) you love most, gratitude for all your gifts (tangible and otherwise) 💚💚💚 Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving 🙌🙌🙌 xo, Kristen #fridge #fridgegoals #52fridges #wfpbno

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If you are running a fast lifestyle, then pre-cutting the vegetables during the weekend and prepare them for the week that follows will easy your way of preparing food.

If your fridge is nifty as this one, there is no way to decide to order some take-away food.

During the weekend, when you have more free time, prepare all the meals for the week that follows.

Place your snacks and meals at the front so that they will be easily acceptable.

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Thought I'd change things up for this week's #52fridges fridge! You can flip through and see what the fridge looks like on day 1 of my food prep versus day 2! Most weeks I split my prep session between 2 days (typically Saturday and Sunday mornings). Sometimes I have to do all the prepping on one day in the middle of the week, but I've found the 2 day approach to be the easiest to fit in! This week was all about that Golden Cauliflower Cream soup (check out my last post for deets) and you can see on day 1 that I chopped up all the veggies for the soup and on day 2 I cooked and portioned it out! Other highlights from this week: herb-Tahini roasted mushrooms, roasted asparagus, homemade tofu "bacon" strips, cashew coleslaw and creamed kale! Still developing a lot of these recipes and I can't wait to share them! 👉👉 If you're looking to overhaul your fridge check out the blog for the top 10 things you need in your fridge now for healthy eating success, you can also see how I share my fridge with my non-nutritarian family! 💚💚 I want to give a shoutout to one of my vegan Insta friends, Lisa, from @modern_vegan_family 💚💚 Make sure to feast your eyes on her amazing recipes and check out her latest blog video "Why Are Vegans So Frustrating?" (🤣 love this title) where she talks about why conversations between vegans and non-vegans can be so emotional! #eattherainbow #fridge #fridgegoals #nutritarian #plantpowered #52fridges

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If you prepare healthy snacks during the weekend, you will prevent your body of consuming crisps and sweets.

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. . . Slowly ticking off my fridge clean up list. Today I emptied the whole fridge, clean it then organized the inside. Feels so good when U have a beautiful clean fridge filled with healthy foods. I’ve used the new frenzy from my dear @nurfarida_r containers and I love them! Slowly replacing all my old ones. And when everything has a place ✌🏻🙏🏻✨👍🏻👩🏻💃🏻 . . •..2018..• . refrigerator goal: tidier – cleaner – more organized – and less chaotic . . . #konmari #konmarimethod #sparkjoy #fridge #fridgelife #fridgeselfie #fridgegoals #fridgechallenge #fridgeorganization #fruitbasket #kitchenlife #foodprep #organizer #anorganizedlife #happyorganizer #organized #organizetheworld #simplejoys #simplepleasures #livingsimplebehumble

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Everything that is needed for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepare it during the weekend or the previous day.

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Fridge 26/52 – PREPPED FRIDGE, WILL TRAVEL. And that's another benefit to this whole weekly prepping thing: your food is packed before you are–before you even know you're going anywhere! We decided to head south this weekend to escape the smoke from the Northern California wildfires. Luckily I had prepped for the week on Monday and still had quite a few preps to take with us. Even when you're confined to only bringing your cooler on a road trip you can really bring a lot! Washed and chopped fruits and veggies with oil-free hummus is perfect for the whole family, I also love to pack my pre-washed greens in Mason jars for easy-to-assemble salads. We couldn't find a pet-friendly hotel with a microwave (I know, crazy) otherwise I could have brought my other cooked nutritarian preps too. So I put those into the freezer for longer-term storage–when we get home tomorrow night I'll still be eating from those preps! Highlights from this week: 1️⃣ oil-free roasted asparagus (finally perfected this recipe will be coming soon!), 2️⃣ no-oil beet burgers (second try for this recipe and it's almost perfect!!), 3️⃣ herbed red lentil pasta (this recipe will be going live at the end of the month with a video–it's amazing), 4️⃣ roasted sweet potatoes with steamed kale, 5️⃣ green lentil pasta with Nutritarian Cheese Sauce (recipe on the blog here: https://hellonutritarian.com/nutritarian-cashew-cheese-sauce/) with peas and broccoli, 6️⃣ fresh cut fruit (pineapple & strawberries), 7️⃣ chopped veggies (cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, red cabbage, roasted golden beets, coleslaw mix, washed grape tomatoes), 8️⃣ pickled red onions and homemade condiments ✅✅✅ For more fridgespiration check out my project #52fridges–I'm on a mission to share a year's worth of whole food plant based, vegan-nutritarian food prep right here on Instagram. And if you're ready to do one thing today to prep you for the week to come check out my free food prep guide here: https://hellonutritarian.com/eat-to-live-food-prep-guide/). Hope you had a safe and lovely weekend 💕💕💕 xo, Kristen #nutritarian #fridge #fridgegoals #plantpowered #wfpbno

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Previously chop onions and vegetables so that the same will be prepared to you when you will want to have a quick salad or dinner sautés.

Your favourite fruit bowl and smoothie ingredients should be kept somewhere in the front so that they will be easily acceptable.

All your fresh vegetables and fruits must be at your disposal.

If you are ready to take the cleaning challenge, then prepare your liquids first.

If you want to save time in the morning, get rid of any clutter.

Find time to prepare fine portions for you.

Your carbs, proteins, and fibres should be kept in a place where you will see perfectly.

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