14 Habits to Help You Stay Healthy and Attractive With Minimal Effort

Today you can read different tips how to stay healthy and maintain a fit body shape. Many of the article that you have read are suggesting to download applications that will help you to count the calories that you are in-taking on a daily basis, then to eat less, to do more sports and exercises, etc. All of those tips are not scientifically proven or supported. Today’s article will present to you 14 healthy habits that will help you to stay healthy. The same have been adopted by the experts and are proven by many scientific researches.

  1. Stop Counting the Calories

The high quality of the food that you are consuming is much more important than the calories that that food is containing. One long-term scientific study that was lasting for 20 years showed that the sugar drinks and the processed foods are the main reason for the weight gain. So all you need to do is just pay attention what type of food you are eating, whether the same is fresh and healthy or is unhealthy.

  1. Half of You Plate Needs to Be Filled with Vegetables

The main source of fibres, water, and useful microelements are fruits and vegetables. Many researches have proved that you will improve your healthy only by fulfilling your plate with more vegetables and fruits. The same goes for the supermarket too. If half of your shopping cart is filled with vegetables and fruits this means that you are on a good track to maintain a healthy body.

  1. Eat What You Want and When You Want

Sometimes it is happening to avoid the food that we like, because we thing that we will get fat of it. Later it will happen to eat great amount of our favourite food, just because we have been avoiding previously. In order to maintain a strong and healthy body we need to eat what we want, whenever we want, but in reasonable amounts. Most important is not to feel guilt every time when we eat something. That is how you will stop thinking about your favourite food al the time.

  1. Use the ‘2 Bites’ Rule

If you are starving for something that you know that is unhealthy, do not worry, because you may have it, following the ‘2 bites’ rule. This means that you may have one bite of that unhealthy food, then drink entire glass of water, and have one more bite. And that it is. Here you are finishing.

  1. Start Every Day with Proteins

If you want to reduce the level of ghrelin, or better known to you as the hunger hormone, then you will have to include foods that are rich with proteins into your everyday meals. For instance, you may start eating Greek yoghurt, eggs, or chicken breasts. These foods will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

  1. Walk 2 Minutes on Every Hour

If your work is related with sitting, then you will have to stand up on every hour and walk around the office for around 2 minutes. If there is no need to stand up, then you may always find a reason to visit certain department, or just go outside for a minute. Only as that you will help your body to stay active during the entire day.

  1. Forget on the Snacks from a Packet

If you are keen on eating snacks from a packet you may forget about that habit. The reason is that when you are eating snacks from the package then you will eat the entire content that is inside the package. The best advice is to put the snacks into a plate or just re-pack them into smaller packages so that you will have a control how much you have eaten so far.

  1. The ’10 Minutes Rule’

This rule can be applied for any habit. For instance, if you want to go to bed earlier, then you may go to sleep 10 minutes earlier that you have planned. Another example, if you tend to practise yoga for so long time, but you do not have enough time during the day, start practising yoga only for 10 minutes a day.

  1. Choose Big Meals

One professor from Pennsylvania implemented a study that proved that if you have large meals that you will not get overeaten because the same are containing a great amount of water. This means that a large bowl of salad will fill your stomach and keep you fuller for longer period of time in comparison with a hand full of nuts.

  1. Reduce the Sugar Consumption to 6 Spoons

If you are consuming a lot of sugar on a daily basis you tend to develop a diabetes type 2 in your organism. Additionally, you are leading your body to obesity. After many studies, the health experts came up with conclusion that the allowed amount for sugar for women is 6 tablespoons, while for men 9 tablespoons daily.

  1. Be Selfish

This means that you will need to start that you are the most important person to yourself. Ann fletcher, who is a diet expert, explains that putting yourself and your needs on the first place and taking a good care of yourself will improve the mental and physical health of your body. So stop giving things to other and start caring about yourself.

  1. Out Your Desk Closer to the Window

Many studies have proven that the sunlight has a great positive influence on two things and that is the productivity and the quality of sleep. So if you want to maintain a healthy body, bring your working table next to the window and get some sunlight.

  1. Start Drinking Warm Beverages

The amount of the metabolic waste is increased by the consumption of warm beverages. This means that if you drink warm beverages you will slow down the process of aging. Start drinking a glass of warm water 30 minutes before every meal and speed up the work of your digestive system. As this you will improve your blood circulation and the metabolism.

  1. Stop Brushing Your Teeth After Every Meal

The specialists are suggesting to avoid brushing your teeth after each meal. You may brush them, but 30 minutes after your meal. Brushing the teeth immediately after the meal will only damage your enamel.