14 Day Dinamic ABS Workout to Tone the Tummy

Every woman wants to have a slim and toned body, and now, when summer is coming, more and more people start changing their lifestyle to look perfect in their summer clothes. One of the most widespread issues is belly fat. It makes us feel less attractive and lowers our self-esteem. That is why it is so important to get rid of it and get a healthy and slim body.

Luckily, there are methods that will help you to solve this problem. Healthy foods and proper physical exercises on a regular basis will help you to get rid of belly fat and tone your abdominal muscles. The most important thing is to choose the most suitable and effective meal plan and workout.

You should forget about junk food, sugary beverages, and alcohol. They lead to excess weight gain and cellulite formation. It is much better to create a daily meal plan that will include fresh fruit and veggies, seafood, meat, eggs, dairy, and healthy fats. In this way you’ll get rid of excess weight, boost metabolism, and gain muscle mass

However, it is also highly important to perform special exercises that will help you to get the body of your dream. That is why we have prepared something special for you today. Here is a simple 14-day dynamic abs workout to tone the tummy. It will help you to get a flat and toned belly in a short period of time. So try our exercises and the results will impress you!

1. Leg Raises

2. Spiderman Plank

3. Triangle Crunch

4. Bicycle Crunch

5. Flutter Kicks

6. Crunches Knees Up