12 Top Exercises to Effectively Shape You Body

You should be aware that your butt shape is determined by the placement of your pelvis and hip bones, the size of your underlying gluteal muscles, the amount of fat you have and its distribution, and the way your butt muscles attach to the thigh bone.

There is, definitely, no a person who doesn’t want to have a perfectly shaped butt and show himself comfortable in his environment.

In your struggling to target your glutes, you must, know what type of shape is your body and more importantly to find the right set of exercises and including them in your weekly routine.

Here is a set that we find for you:

  1. Step-Ups

By practicing this an excellent and dynamic exercise you will activate your glutes and, of course, do a great cardio workout at the same time. From the beginning, start with a lower platform, and when you are in better condition, take a platform that is a big higher than your knees.


–           Starting position – step on the platform with one foot,

–           Lifting the body up to bring the knee of your opposite leg up as high as you can.

–           Step back down in starting position

–           More challenging: take some small weights in your hands while practicing it.

  1. Rear Leg Lifts


–           Starting position – kneel on your knees and forearms.

–           Lifting one leg off the floor, push the foot towards the ceiling.

–           Return to the starting position

–           Alternating between the legs bring the leg back under control.

–           More challenging: take some small ankle weights.

  1. Bridges


–           Starting position – Lying on your back, place your feet on the ground and point your knees upwards.

–           Lift your but so your shoulders, feet, and the head is touching the floor. Push your hips as high up as you can, squeezing the glutes hard at the top of the move.

–           More challenging: take some weight and put it your ab or straighten one leg and push off the other at the same time.

  1. Squats

In performing squats you should only use your body weight.


–           Starting position – standing position with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, holding a stick in the back of your neck

–           Lowering as you can keep your back straight, activating your glute maximum.

–           More challenging: hold a weight in front of the chest, or you can do one legged squat.

  1. Cossack Lunges

This exercise is great for improving flexibility, while your butt and legs do some serious thing.


–           Starting position – standing position with feet wider than shoulder-width apart

–           Shifting your weight to one side, squat down on that leg, keeping the other leg straight.

–           Reaching the bottom position, point the toes of the straight leg upwards.

–           Repeat moves on another side. This exercise is great for improving flexibility, while your but and legs do some serious thing.

  1. Fire Hydrants

This exercise is great for improving mobility, opening up the hips and strengthening the glutes.


–           Starting position – kneeling position,

–           Lift one leg to the side.

–           More challenging: rotate from the hip and make small circles at first and then wide swooping circles.

  1. Hip Thrusters


–           Starting position – Sit on the ground with a bench directly behind you and weighted barbell over your pelvis.

–           Rolling the bar directly above your hips, lean back against the bench in a way your shoulder blades are near the top of it

–           Extend your hips vertically, supporting your weight by your shoulder blades and your feet.

–           Repeat from the starting position.

  1. Plie Squats


–           Starting position – a wide stance with your toes and arms  pointed outwards

–           Slowly bend your knees in the direction of the toes.

–           Stand up slowly, once you can no longer see your toes.

  1. Side Leg Lifts

It targets smaller muscles of the legs and the glutes.


–           Starting position – Lying on your right side

–           Lift one leg up, keeping it straight

–           Bring the leg down slowly return to the starting position

–           Repeat the same on another side.

  1. Gluteal Squeezes


–           Starting position – Lying on your back on the floor, with bent knees and feet together, flat on the floor

–           Lift your hips to the ceiling, tensing up your glute muscles.

–           Hold that position for 3 seconds.

–           Repeat the procedure.

  1. Flutter Kicks

You will improve your glutes and abs.


–           Starting position – Lie flat on your back, with hands by sides and legs strength.

–           Lift your legs off the ground, pushing one leg up as you lower the other down, without touching the floor.

–           Alternate the legs as long as you can.

  1. Horse Stance

It builds some strength and size in the thighs and glutes.


–           Starting position – Standing straight, open up your normal stance about a foot or two beyond shoulder-width on both sides.

–           Squatting down as you were going to sit in a chair.

–           Keeping your tights parallel to the ground, and feeling some burn hold this position as long as you can.

–           If you are beginner the limit should be 15-30 seconds,