12 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim and Don’t Look Old

Japanese people in general always seem to look and to be much healthier than the rest of us, and Japanese women in particular seem to have found the secret formula for staying young and beautiful.  This secret, it appears, can be gleaned from their diet and lifestyle choices.

We tell you the 12 reasons why the Japanese women look youthful, slim and lovely:

  1. Seafood

The Japanese prefer seafood to other meats.  Whereas red meat has been linked to numerous health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol and inflammatory diseases, seafood is the healthy alternative that provides all those omega-3 fatty acids that are so good for us.

  1. Healthier way of cooking

Instead of boiling and frying, the Japanese way of cooking is much healthier because they use only the minimum oil and eat their food grilled or steamed.

  1. Smaller servings

When we compare our normal servings to the normal Japanese portion, we see that theirs is much smaller.  In addition to this, they tend to serve more fresh and raw products than we do.

  1. Fermented foods

The Japanese adore all sorts of fermented food products such as kimchi, kefir, kombucha, miso and tempeh.  The process of lacto-fermentation that they all undergo means that eating them results in the elimination of toxins and heavy metals from our cell tissues and consequently promotes weight loss.

  1. Green tea

Green, or Matcha, tea is loaded with antioxidants which slow down the aging process, help weight loss and lower the risk for cancers.

  1. They rarely eat out

The Japanese don’t eat out often, preferring to dine at home.  They avoid fast foods, junk food and processed foods, all of which are bad for our health.

  1. Hot spring baths

These baths are abundant in minerals like magnesium, calcium and niacin, all of which provide health benefits such as improving skin health, lowering stress levels and promoting sleep quality.

  1. Martial arts

Almost all Japanese people practice one of the martial arts, which keeps them fit, focused and healthy.

  1. Healthy desserts

Japanese people usually prefer to eat fresh fruit for dessert, which supplies vitamins and nutrients without leading to weight gain.

  1. Walking

The Japanese generally like to walk a lot and ride bikes instead of driving, and these are healthy habits which keep them fit, slim and youthful looking

  1. Skin Care

All Japanese women know the importance of a proper skin care routine and they look after their skin on a daily basis, which maintains it being firm and young-looking.

  1. They avoid eating on-the-go

In Japan, meals are considered to be sacred periods of the day, which means that eating on the go is avoided, even considered to be impolite.  Moreover, they tend to eat slowly, a habit which gives their body enough time to properly digest the food.

So, we can conclude that looking young and beautiful is not just about genetic factors but rather that it takes a lot of work and awareness. What we can all learn from the Japanese is that we need to respect our bodies and lead a healthy lifestyle because it is good for our overall wellbeing as well as helping us to keep on looking young and attractive.

Source: ecohealthyrecipes.com