12 Emotional Stages of Going to the Gym First Thing in the Morning

There’s two kinds of people in this world — those who go to the gym first thing in the morning and those who haven’t completely lost their minds. Let’s face it: it’s not easy squeezing in a sweat sesh every day, much less before your brain is even fully awake. Maybe you forego that extra hour of sleep in the morning to hit the gym so that you can be the epitome of health. Or maybe you’re striving to complete a marathon. Or maybe you swore that this would be the year that you would finally show off chiseled abs. Or maybe it’s really just so you can justify that nightly bowl of ice cream. But whichever it may be, it’s your own personal goals that get you to leave your warm bed. Hey, not all heroes wear capes . . . some wear Nikes and tights.

  1. Hearing your dreaded alarm go off before the sun has even come up.

I mean, how much do I really want a hot body anyway?

2. Getting pumped on the drive over.

There’s nothing like listening to “Shots” by LMFAO at 5 a.m.

3. Giving yourself a pep talk as you walk inside.

The pre-workout is starting to kick in.

4. Scanning into the gym and the person at the desk tells you to “Enjoy your workout!”

Enjoy my workout? ENJOY MY WORKOUT? EnJoY mY wOrKoUt?!?!?! *sobbing emoji*

5. Exchanging head nods with your fellow early-risers.

You’re all not sure if you’re there that early because you love yourself or hate yourself.

6. Seeing someone who actually looks halfway decent this early.

You have a lot of nerve.

7. Fighting the urge to move treadmills when someone gets on the one directly next to you.

The. Gym. Is. Empty. Why. Are. You. Next. To. Me.

8. Daydreaming about how amazing you’re going to look with this a.m. routine.

Your ex is going to be SO sorry.

9. Finishing cardio like you’re not internally dying.

Couples who say that they “met at the gym” are totally lying. Who would want to meet anyone looking like this?!

10. Spotting someone who didn’t wipe down their machine after using it.

It’s too early for this.

11. Pushing to finish those last few reps on a weight machine.

Most of the motivation here is knowing that a shower and food awaits.

12. Leaving the gym knowing you accomplished something before most people have even woken up.