11 Simple Exercises That Anyone With Knee Pain Needs to Start Doing

Many people are suffering from aching knees, which makes them feel uncomfortable and limits them in daily activities. Experts found that the best medicine for that kind of pain is exercising. So, what is the most powerful workout to stabilize the joint and to reduce the pain?

Here is a workout of 11 proven exercises that strengthen the muscles and ligaments supporting the knee joints. They also, decrease the chances of injury.

To avoid any of these problems you should be focused on strengthening the muscles around the knee joints and reduce the amount of stress on the joints. For best results observe the right technique and follow the instructions bellow correctly.ac

Exercises for People with Bad Knees

  1. Warm Ups

It is well known that before doing any exercise the proper warm up is necessary, but it is especially important if you have problems with your knees. The warm up helps the blood to circulate better in that area and the muscle stiffness decreases. Besides, increasing the other effects of exercise it decreases the chances of any injury or muscle sprains.

You can do some brisk walking or static stretches around twenty minutes of warm up activity.

  1. Swimming

During swimming, the effect of gravity is taken out of the balance and chances of damage to any aching joint are almost impossible. This is why swimming is one of the best exercises for people with problematic knees.

Any swimming styles are good for knees but if you find some of the styles inappropriate, then avoid it. You can swim twenty minutes and eliminate any stress on your joints.

  1. Cycling

It targets your hamstrings, quadriceps and the calve muscles. Your knees become more stable and the joint are not stressed hard. Cycling you can even effectively lose weight. For you who have recently had knee joint serious problems (surgery), you need to take things slowly.

You should start to cycle after the given clearance of your physiotherapist. The best way is to cycle on a flat surface or to use the exercise cycles in the gym because very often cycling on steep or hilly areas can cause injuries.

  1. Walking

The brisk walking engages all the muscles of upper and the lower body and it holds a significant place on the list of most effective exercises for people with bad knees. However, jogging, running and other high impact activities can put a strain on the knees, so avoid them whenever is that possible and walk on even ground if you have knee problems, and gradually build up muscle strength.

After a short period you can take hikes and go running.

  1. Step-Ups

Step ups are one of the best exercises that strengthen the major muscle groups, which support the knee joints.

Stand in front of a staircase or small bench, put firmly one foot on the step, then lift the other foot and place it on the step. Return to the starting position and perform it for ten times with each foot.

To add extra resistance you can do some curls with weight while doing them.

  1. Partial Squats

Full squats are not recommended if your knees are in a bad shape. So, partial squats are good solutions, because they do not put that much strain on the knees. You can even wear a knee support, which will protect your knees.

Begin standing with your feet at shoulder width and toes pointing forwards.

Then lower your body and go as low as you feel comfortable, positioning your knees behind your toes during the squat.

Return to the starting position and repeat for a few times.

  1. Calf Raises

They are also called toe lifts and are very effective for the muscles of lower legs.

–           Begin standing comfortably on a flat surface with your feet firmly placed on the ground.

–           Lifting your body upwards stand on your toes, and after some time return to the starting position.

–           Perform 20 -25 repeats.

Watch video at

  1. Scissor Kick

–           Begin lying flat on an exercise mat. Lift your shoulders and legs and keep them off the ground all the time (the shoulder an inch above the ground, and the legs about six inches).

–           Spread the legs apart as far as you can.

–           Cross one leg over another without bending them.

The number of reps gradually should increase up to 50.

  1. Take a Dance Class

A dance class is a fun way to strengthen the knee joints. Most of the dances can suit the people with bad knees, the whole body gets a workout during a dance routine.

  1. Side-Lying Leg Lifts

This is an excellent exercise for the people with bad knees.

–           Lie on your left side with your legs straight and together and support your head with your arm.

–           Lift your right leg up, then bring it back.

–           Repeat the same with the left leg. To intensify benefits wear some ankle weights.

  1. Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

–           Lie on your left side and put on some ankle weights above your knee.

–           Keep the right leg straight and bend the left leg.

–           Then lift the right leg for about six inches, bringing it back and repeat ten to fifteen reps.

–           Repeat the same with the left leg.

Exercises to Avoid

There are some exercises which can have side effects on your bad knees and should be avoided to protect them from further damage, such

–           Jumping, snowboarding, skiing or other high-impact activities should be avoided if you are with weak knee joints.

–           All sports activities that require twisting of the knee, should also be avoided, such tennis, basketball, rugby and football.

–           Do controlled stair climbing exercises can be harmful if not done under supervision.

For any knee problem discuss with your physiotherapist and modify the exercises.

Source: www.prevention.com