11 Inspiring Weight Loss Stories You Have to See to Believe

If you want to lose weight, but your motivation is not on a high level, you will need some inspiration from the people who already have practiced some ways how to do it. Here you can find 11 examples (stories) of the people who share their success in losing weight and had got fit and healthy in no time, just keep reading.


She lost 121 pounds in 9 months

Her weight loss story (picture) is incredible and her figure is desired for many women! The picture tells us more than 1000 words.


Vitali lost 156 pounds in 3 years

By exhibiting strong his now bulging muscles he deserves our hats off.


Rachel lost 88 pounds in 9 months

She can truly inspire any woman who likes to look like nice! He managed it by working hard in the gym and tailoring her diet and exercise routine to her own lifestyle. Rachel worked hard to lose the weight and definitely succeed!


Regina lost 150 pounds in 3 years

The secret of her success is altering the diet, investing in a gym membership and exercising regularly. Fantastic results – nice looking!


Pasquale lost 324 pounds in 3 years

He is another true inspiration. With a strong battling the bulge, he succeeds shifting it. He now looks healthy, strong individual, happy and makes even younger people be yelous.


Jill lost 196 pounds in 4 years

Jill’s hard work really paid off! The picture says everyting.


Clare lost 33 pounds in 6 months

Sitting at home, be terrified of the gym or other physical activity is not in your favor.  Think about it well! What Clare succeed is obviously when you see the picture, and it is due to the 6 months practicing in the gym.


Jonathon lost 218 pounds in 3 years

He now presents the face of a healthy lifestyle and exercise!


Melissa lost 234 pounds in 3 years

She decided to say goodbye to fast food and turned to the healthy. Melissa’s work is seen!


Jade lost 99 pounds in 1 year

Her beautiful transformation is a totally incredible, every ounce of hard was worthy of it!


Lindsey lost 198 pounds in 2 years

The marital status completely changed her lifestyle and behavior. The bride really transformed herself in a beautiful wife in no time at all! Lindsey is an impressive example how it can be done!

Source: theheartysoul.com