11 Different Types of Hugs and What They Really Mean

Each person on this Planet is in some relationship with somebody else, whether we are talking about certain relation as friends, colleagues, life-partners, acquaintances, and so on. The most important in these relationships is to express your feelings towards those people, whether they are of great value to you or not.

Showing your feelings towards these people may occur in different forms. For instance, you can pay greater attention to them than the usual one, take care of them more often, or just show that they are of great importance to you by providing them with everything they need it. All these forms are not so much important as kisses and hugs.

In this article you will read about 11 different forms of hugs that have completely different meaning of the one that you may know. These new forms of hugs may be of great importance for you as they can help you in your expression of your feelings towards your dearest one and strength the relationship with the same.

  1. The Tight Squeeze

The Tight Squeeze is a type of cuddle that is well known to all of us.  It can be defined as form a hug that we are practising when we hug some friend that we have not seen for a very long time. The intensity of this type of hug is so strong that make you feel your internal organs. If you want to express your appreciation and love towards some dear to you than use the tight squeeze.

  1. The Long Hold

The Long Hold is a hug that carries a great meaning. If you consider that somebody needs help, or had a long, awful day, or is just tired than definitely you need to cuddle it in this way. If some dear to you use this cuddle (s)he indirectly is telling you that (s)he needs some help. This means that you should express all your love, sympathy, and care towards this person and do the best to help him/her.

  1. From The Back

If you are in a romantic relationship than cuddling somebody from the back is the most important hug that you can give. This cuddle is a direct way to express your care and love to your partner, telling him/her that you will be his/her support always, and you will do everything to protect him/her. Hugging your partner from the back can means that (s)he missed you so much too.

  1. The Back Stroke

If you are having close friends than be sure you are using this type of cuddling very often. This hug bears great meaning, showing that you are really glad to see your dear friend. Also, if you want to manifest somebody that you wish him/her wellness and take care of the same person, then using this hug is the right way to do it.

  1. The Straddle Hug

To perform this type of cuddle you need to sit down on your partner’s thighs and hug him strong enough with both hands, as you are hugging his waist with his legs. If the cuddle is returned with the same strength to you that means that you both really trust each other. This Straddle Hug is common for partners in serious love relationship where partners truly love each other.

  1. The Around the Waist

If you are really in love with your partner, then hugging him/her around the waist is the right cuddle to give. This hug expresses that you and your partner really love and trust each other and no secrets occur in your relationship. As each hug this hug one express taking care of each other too.

  1. The Quick Pat

If you do not feel very comfortable with your partner than you are giving him/her the Quick Pat hug. If one hugs you and pats you on your back just bear in mind that this person does not feel closeness with you and is doing this motion only because of politeness. Be sure that if ones may avoid this hug and motion than surely will do.

  1. The Slow Dance

If two people hold each most of the time and talk from time to time this means that they are practising the Slow Dance Hug. This cuddle occurs when two people meet each other to talk but cannot stop hugging. It is a cuddle that usually occurs between two lovers showing that they want to be as closer as much as possible.

  1. The London Bridge

If you feel as do not liking somebody, but need to show respect towards that person, then using the London Bridge hug is the most proper cuddle. So if you feel antipathetic towards somebody you need to stand as far as possible from that person and then only touch with your torsos.

  1. The Alternating Arms

The Alternating Arms is a hug that is mostly spread around most of the people. It is a hug practised among good friends. The cuddle expresses the open friendship between friends, showing that they want to spend their time together.

  1. The One Arm Reach

We are talking about cuddle that is well known among all of us. If you want to hug somebody in the One Arm Reach manner, then you put your arm around your friend’s shoulder as a half hug. In this way you are showing your friend that you are here for him/her, offering help and comfort. If you hug your loved one in this way than you are showing him/her that you want to protect him/her and be to him/her as much as possible.

Source: betterme.tips