1,000 Daily Ab Reps and These Diet Habits Have Shapprell Looking Beyond Fit at 46

If you type on Google ‘aging in reverse’ immediately you will get a picture of Shapprell Dallas, a 46 –years old mother that looks as she had some gut from the magic fountain of forever youth. If you look deeply into this picture, you will not give more than 30 years to this beautiful woman. The way how this fitness instructor from Florida looks like is thanks to the workout routine and clean-eating habits that she is stick to for many years.

Today’s article will share with you some tips that Shapprell shared with us and may be quite motivational and helpful for you, since we are at the beginning of a new year, and new year always means new challenges. Keep reading and see how this woman is practising every day and maintain her healthy and young look throughout the years.

  1. A Family Effort

Shapprell got married at the age of 19 to Patrick, who is still her husband. In that time Patrick was an amateur bodybuilder. Later, they have launched their own company titled as Top Bodies Fitness, a company that was dealing with fitness classes, programs, and seminars. Through this company, the couple was offering one-on-one trainings for people who were so dedicated of achieving their personal goals in terms of weight loss and body transformation. Since then, the main motive for Shapprell are the positive vibes that each person needs to include in each fitness class. Thus, the moto of their company was celebration of all body sizes, types, and shapes. She explains that you cannot look on the fitness as on a cookie cutter and expect all people who are dealing with fitness to be shaped in the same way, more less. That is why we as humans have different body shapes and sizes, and we all need to be accepted as we are.

When Shapprell is not at the gym and exercising with some of her clients, she is just hanging out with her 18-years old daughter, who believe it or not looks as a sister to Shapprell. Additionally, she explains that the close relationship with her daughter made her to be more and more stronger and motivated when the fitness journey comes to question. That is why she is advising the other parents who are determined to fitness or are ready to start a weight-loss journey to stay connected with their children, in terms of spending much time with them and playing too. This is so because in that way you may turn the workout into an interesting family affair, which will be more easy for you. For instance, you may go hiking or bicycling with your children, or play some sport such as flag football, or simply just go to the park and play hide and seek with your kids.

  1. Her Weekly Exercise Routine

Shapprell is performing her exercises three times weekly, no matter what is happening. Even when she is going to certain traveling, she is finding time and space to perform the exercises needed for that week. She performs most of her workouts at home or at the gym, and she is leaving the weekends for resting from the gym i.e. she is performing outdoor activities such as bicycling or walking.

She wakes up every morning between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.ma and starts with the personal classes that she is having with her clients. From Monday until Thursday she is performing 30 -40 minutes of cardio exercises in the evening, because in that period of the day she is having a fitness classes of cardio kickboxing with her clients. Additionally, she is performing exercises for her lower body part three times a week and extra exercises for her upper body part two times a week.

It is interesting that Shapprell is not some fun of certain buzzy fitness trends such the HIIT. The only thing that she had tried and is practising from time to time is the step aerobics, as one of the workout trends of the modern era. She is type of a person that is keep more to traditional exercises, such as power walking, dancing, cardio kickboxing, or biking.

Years ago she had a car accident after which she ended with a surgery on her shoulder. Thus she was forced to remove the heavier weight-lifting from her training sessions. Now, after years of recovery, she is planning to return those go-to exercises into her workout routine. Additionally, she is prepared to start teaching sexy dance exercise classes intended for women who wants to tighten their bodies.

  1. Her Abdominals

It is quite impossible to scroll down Shapprell’s pictures on Instagram and not notice her six-packs abdominals that are dream not only of every woman, but of every man too. The secret to those abs lies in the exercises that she is performing i.e. weekly she is performing 1000 repetitions of the abs exercise. She explains that she is not performing only one exercise every week. Instead, every week she is performing a different exercise that is targeting her abs, simply because she does not have some favourite exercise that she will want to perform all of the time. In fact, Shapprell explains that it is not the exercise that matters, the repetitions that you are making are the most important. Usually she is performing jack-knifes, leg lifts, reverse crunches, basic crunches, and bicycles.

  1. Her Healthy Eating Habits

Shapprell explains that she is not a good cooker and that is why she is keeping things as simple as possible, and fun in the same time. Her breakfast is usually consisted of oatmeal with nuts and fruit, although she exchanges the entire meal with one smoothie. For lunch she is paying attention to consume carb-rich foods, so that is why she is usually eating yellow or brown rice with zucchini pasta plus six ounces of protein in a form of chicken, grilled fish, eggs, tuna, nuts, or beans. Her dinner includes vegetables with beans or lean meat. She also has snacks between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, and she usually consumes yoghurt or fruit.

Regarding the foods that she is avoiding, she mentions pork, red meat, and fried food, with exception of the French fries, which is consuming when she is having a cheating meals. Regarding drinks, she has done with sodas long time ago, sometimes she is having a glass of some alcohol, but very rarely, and she is drinking plain water and herbal teas all the time.

  1. Her Tips

Shapprell advises that if you are new into fitness or any other workouts, to start practising with a personal trainer, because he knows what is best for our body. Also, you must workout minimum three times a week if you want to have noticeable results. Most of the time, or around 80%-90% you must consume healthy food and to give up of all those unhealthy foods and drinks. As you are going to make progress into your workout routine, you will have to increase the intensity of the exercises as well the number of the days when you are going to exercise. Moreover, finding an exercise partner is something that will brings magic to your workout routine. The exercise partner is the best motivation, support, and encouragement that you may get during your fitness journey. If you are not able to find an exercise partner and you are keen to low self-esteem when going to the gym comes to question, then you may start following the Top Body classes and fitness programs online and to make certain changes in your life.