10 Super Simple Exercises to Tighten Loose Arms & Shed Fat

As the summer is coming, everyone looks forward to being ready to show cover parts of the body (arms, legs), putting away all those long-sleeved clothes and long pants. If your arms are not toned as you like you could be stacked making excuses for your long sleeves even in 80-degree weather because you’re not comfortable if people see your arm flab.

However, you shouldn’t worry – because there’s still time and you can still get rid of those arm flaps

Follow the next 10 easy arm exercises that’ll help tighten up those arms.

  1. Push-up

This exercise improves your posture and helps with your abs and chest. In addition, it tones your arms considerably.

If it is too hard for you, feel free to do the easier version of this exercise, on your knees on the ground – the arm movement is the same.

  1. Push-up and side plank

Comparing to other variants of push-ups, this is slightly more restful. It is great for your arms and it is focusing on them rather than on your abs or chest.

In between push-ups – or each set of push-ups – rotate your body outward and hold yourself up with one arm while your other arm reaches upward.

Return to your starting position and repeat.

  1. Triceps dip

The best results can be achieved if done outdoors, in between running sessions for instance.

Using your arms for support, lower your butt downward with your legs stretched out in front of you,

Pulling yourself back up – without moving your legs return to starting position.

  1. Bent over row

This is a barbell exercise, which involves pulling weights upward from a bent over position.

Keep your back straight all the time, because a curved back could be very harmful to your spine during such exercises.

  1. Triceps extension

The weight you should hold behind you, and pull it up by stretching out your arms above your head.

You can hold it on one end of the weight, or in the middle.

  1. Triceps kickback

Bending back, start by holding weights close to your chest with your arms bent,

With a controlled motion stretch them backwards in a swift, to complete one rep.

  1. Upside-down “namaste”

This is a challenging type of stretch, which involves attempting to put your hands together behind your head, preferring to have your palms touched completely.

Bringing your joined hands further downward behind your head be careful to not hurt yourself!

  1. Arm rotation

Comparing to other exercises this the easiest of this workout.

Stretching your arms out at your sides, rotate them in small circles.

In addition, it works your back.

  1. Scissors

Your arms should be stretched out, holding a dumbbell in both hands. Bring them together, with one arm going over the other (like scissors), then reverse to return to the start. You can do it empty-handed, depending on how strong your arms already are.

  1. Cobra pose

Performing Yoga poses, in general, you’ll strengthen your muscles and get a leaner body.

For arms, the cobra pose is one of the best, because it involves holding most of your body up with them. Before doing this pose stretch yourself and breathe throughout.