10 Signs You’re Healthy — Regardless of What the Scale Says

When health comes to question, many of us are relating the same with the body weight and the BMI index. If you are among those people who are evaluating the heath condition according to the way how your body looks at the mirrors reflection, then you should stop that immediately. You must realize that the numbers that are showing on the body scale one you will step on it or the appearance of the cellulite on your hips is not an evidence that there is something wrong with your health.

Today’s article is here to help you to judge the state of your health correctly and will give you advices and suggestions how to improve your health if you consider that something is wrong.

  1. You Are Regular:

If you want to maintain a healthy body and to improve your digestive system, then you will have to perform regular bowel movements. When you have a daily routine to walk, that is one of the best things that you can provide to your body. That is so because with walking you are eliminating the toxins out of your body and you are causing the inflammation through your body to be avoided. We are not going to discuss about the ultimate product that you will have in the toilet at the end, but be sure that that product is not going to be loose or bloody.

  1. Clean Urine

Once you will notice that your urine has a light yellow colour you may put a smile on your face, because this means that you are hydrating your body properly, and properly hydrated body means good function of the kidneys and healthy organism. Anytime when you will notice that your urine changed its colour into a dark yellow, you will have to drink entire glass of water immediately.

  1. Regular Menstruation

The typical period between two menstruations is between 21-35 days. If our period is not following these days, then you may have to consult a doctor and detect the problem. You can be sure that your reproductive system is working optimally, if your monthly periods are lasting up to seven days.

  1. Handling and Emotional Stress

It is a fact that we are living and working under a constant pressure and stress, so usually it is happening not to be aware when our reactions are turning into unmanageable and automated ones. If you think that you are dealing with too many stressful situations and you cannot control your anger and emotions, contacting a therapist will help you to manage your emotional burden.

  1. Clear Skin

The skin is our greatest organ, and although it is not showing distress signs, it is an excellent indicator of our health. If you are an adult person and you are facing with skin issues such as hormonal acne outbreaks, this means that you may are facing with some serious health conditions too.

  1. Regular Body Movement

Despite you are performing 10-minutes of regular body stretching or you are running every day for certain period of time, it means that you are taking a serious care of your body and health. This is so because possessing an effort to perform physical activities every day shows that you are having a meaningful way to keep your body into a healthy condition.

  1. Eating Mindfully

Many people think that eating mindfully means to be on some strict diet. Contrary, eating mindfully means that you have the control over yourself to stop eating once you felt that you are full. Additionally, eating mindfully means being conscious that you need to consume more fruits and vegetables and less, or almost none proceed food.

  1. Having Good Friends

The latest studies have shown that having more friends means maintaining healthy body and organism. So try to make new friends as much as possible.

  1. You are Rarely Getting Sick

IT is normal to catch some cold from time to time, but if you are constantly ill and you are fighting with some viruses most of the time, that means that something is wrong with your immune system and you need to help it immediately. Contrary, if you cannot remember the last time you were sick, that means that you are running a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Sleeping Peacefully

You are lucky enough if you are not facing with falling asleep issues. The irregular sleeping patterns are actually the main cause of serious health issues, such as insomnia, sleep apnea, or gastroesophageal reflux disorder.


Source: www.popsugar.com