10 Minutes of Workout for a Perfect Body! (Video)

If you’re serious about toning your butt with here is presented 10 – minute workout, designed by Andrea Orbeck. The exercises in this workout are designed to target your glutes and you’ll get the best booty possible!

This routine works every muscle in your butt, so there is no a chance to get bad results while it is done!

This fat-blasting workout works your entire body in 10 minutes. Andrea is a well-known trainer and many Victoria’s Secret models are trained by her, so why you shouldn’t try. You don’t need any specific place, as she’ll train you in the comfort of your living room.

Follow precisely movements of Andrea, she’ll lead you through this short but intense workout.

The secret of the famous Victoria’s secret angels for their magnificent look is simple: be careful with your everyday diet and exercise on a daily basis. However, they have a privilege to exercise special exercises created by their personal trainers.

Since most of you cannot afford to have a personal trainer, you can be definitely satisfied with Andrea’s video. This video contains set of exercises that last only 10 minutes, but work the whole your body, so no need to invest in a personal trainer.

To perform these exercises you won’t need any requirements, so anyone can do them. However, if you don’t have stamina, don’t overstress exercising from the beginning, but at the end, you will perfectly burn calories and tone your body in your own room.

Follow Andrea on the video bellow: