10 Minutes Of This Exercise Burns More Calories Than 30 Minutes Of Jogging

If you cannot run regularly, as you find it hard, or dreadful or you suffer from joint pain, bad knees, injuries or sore feet you can try something different to you burn even more calories, in no time!

The only equipment you need for this workout is a jump rope!

By doing it regularly you can get numerous benefits, such as:

  1. A whole body exercise

This exercise despites your leg muscles work on your abs, arms, legs, back and shoulders.

  1. It Burns Calories

From the experience, 10 minutes of jumping a rope are equals to half an hour jogging when it comes to burning calories. In addition, it improves cardiovascular conditions

  1. It Improves Coordination

You probably had tried it when you were little, and know that skipping the rope is not an easy thing. It improves your balance, reflexes and coordination.

  1. It’s Versatile

This exercise can be performed everywhere you want, in the gym, at home, on the beach or even in the garden.

Additional tips:

–           Use the proper rope, with adequate material, length, and handle,

–           The best shoes are without padding or try jumping barefoot.

–           The head should be entire time straight, looking ahead,

–           Bend the knees a bit, and the keep the elbows near the body.

–           Whirl the rope with the wrists, not of the arms.

–           The rope handles should be gripped with the fingers instead of your palms.

–           While skipping do not touch the ground with the heels, use the front of your feet to propel you and to land.

–           Do not jump high, only enough to skip the rope.

–           You can challenge yourself and try crossover, single leg hop, and double turn.

Watch the following video:

Source: www.davidwolfe.com