10 Minute at Home Butt and Thigh Workout (Video)

Even the busiest people could find at least ten minutes during the day to do a workout like this one.

This is 10 – minute home workout video that is ideally combined with 2 short sessions of cardio; one that targets the muscles and warms up and another to cool down just before you stretch.

It is specific for the dynamic movements, using the large muscle groups and its ability to burn a fair amount of calories (roughly 90 – 135 calories – depending on gender, muscle mass, body weight and the effort put into each exercise, etc.)

How this routine is structured:

–           There are six different exercises that target the glutes, calves and thighs.

–           Challenges entire core, balancing the skills.

–           Each exercise lasts roughly 45 seconds.

–           Rest 10 second

You can always take a very quick break if any of the moves is too hard for you.

Here is a list of exercises in this routine:

  1. Side Lunges + Reach

It works your quadriceps and glutes and when you focus on reaching to the opposite foot on each side lunge, you will engage obliques, too.

  1. Swinging Bridge

Your focus should be on a nice full range of motion in this movement, getting a good upward squeeze of the glutes on each side of the “bridge”.

  1. Squats + Alternating Lifts

For you who have balance or coordination problems, you can hold onto a wall or chair to help steady yourself. You can see improvements in both categories.

  1. Pulse Lunges

Pulsing should be slow and controlled. During the move keep your bodyweight so that it is dropping right between your feet.

  1. Shoulder Bridge

It targets your and increases flexibility.

  1. Side Plank Leg Lifts

Works the entire core and the outer thighs, which make it a multi-tasker in toning you up quickly.

This 10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout should be combined with short sessions of cardio.

How often should you do this butt and thigh workout?

–           Every other day is fine

–           if you are only doing one round you can do it even every day

Watch the video here: